John Michael Schmitz Evaluation

Film Watched

Senior Bowl Highlights

Minnesota Vs Michigan St (2022)

Run Blocking

Minnesota was a very heavy outside zone team where lateral movement skills are at a premium. For most of the running plays, Schmitz was executing reach blocks to the play side. As a former center, I am extremely impressed with Schmitz’s lateral movement. He is outstanding at the outside zone game, and was able to reach and pin 3 technique DTs - no easy task. I didn’t see him pull on sweeps and counters, but given Schmitz’s mobility, he should be very effective on the move. Schmitz also did an excellent job of playing within his base. He keeps his tail down and doesn’t get out over his toes. I don’t think I saw more than a play or 2 with him on the ground. I was less impressed on inside zone plays. I didn’t really see much oomph. He’s more of a position blocker than a bulldozer. He didn’t get beaten much, but he didn’t generate a lot of vertical push.

Pass Blocking

Most of the pass blocking reps in the Michigan State game were RPOs and play action. He did very well there, but I didn’t get to see many pure dropback reps which are more challenging. I was pretty impressed with his Senior Bowl reps. I didn’t see him get beaten on any dropback reps. In 1-1 drills he stoned the defensive linemen repeatedly. Nice balance, nice punch, good anchor. I like him a lot as a pass blocker.

Fit for Giants

The Giants are diverse in the run game and ask a lot from the center who is frequently asked to pull on pin/pull plays. Schmitz is a good fit there. The giants also run a lot of inside zone and duo which requires more power and vertical movement. Schmitz is solid here, but not outstanding. He doesn’t get beaten, but he’s not dislodging a DT. Maybe some technique improvements and some time in the strength program could improve this. At Minnesota he wasn’t asked to base block much. Doesn’t mean he can’t do it. Schmitz’s strength on outside zone plays won’t be utilized on the Giants. Barkley has never been effective at outside zone runs.

Schmitz has the potential to be an excellent pass protector, something the Giants definitely need.

Schmitz looks pretty athletic, and has very good technique. His game is more finesse than power, which is just fine. Finding a center that can blow DTs off the ball and pull on sweeps is exceedingly rare - that’s a pro bowler. All that being said i would be happy if the Giants drafted Schmitz. He’s a damn good center and projects as a day 1 starter.

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