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Parris Campbell: Pitch from Brian Daboll helped sway decision to join Giants

Wide receiver talks about his free agency on Sirius XM NFL Radio

NFL: Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts Jenna Watson-USA TODAY Sports

After signing with the New York Giants on a one-year deal this past week, wide receiver Parris Campbell joined Bruce Murray and Kirk Morrison on SiriusXM radio to discuss his process on the open market. A free agent for the first time following four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, Campbell took Murray and Morrison through his process:

“It was a very eye-opening experience, just seeing the business side of everything,” Campbell said. “It was nerve-wracking, a lot of long days just on the phone with my agent, talking to teams. it was a fairly long process just because the days felt so long. excited to be with the Giants, excited for this opportunity, and I'm grateful and blessed to be in the spot I'm in.”

While Campbell received interest from several teams, it was ultimately the Giants who won out. A testament to the culture he has constructed in New York, head coach Brian Daboll played a major role in making the deal happen:

“Before I even agreed with them, I got a call from (Daboll), it was probably a 20-minute conversation, man,” Campbell said. “We were just talking about my game, what the organization is like, what they’re building, and that right there it meant a lot to me, you know? How many head coaches are reaching out and calling guys and spending this time to talk about their team and talk about what they can possibly see you bringing to the team and to the offense, man? So that was a big step for me, just getting comfortable and kind of leaning towards the Giants.”

Playing on a one-year deal, Campbell was asked whether or not he felt pressure of not having true security past the 2023 NFL season. After suffering injuries for much of his career, Campbell is simply excited at the prospect of being healthy and active on the football field. To him, the easiest part of the process has begun: playing football.

“I’m stress-free,” Campbell said. “The stress part of it is over right now and I’m just excited.”