Post FA Full First Round/Full Giants draft

1. Carolina Panthers- QB CJ Stroud, Ohio State

To me, personally, this was a race for one guy. CJ is the only NFL starting QB amongst the top 4 guys (Stroud/Young/Richardson/Levis); and I think after the combine the Panthers knew they had to go get their guy because there wasn’t in fact 4 first round guy. There wasn’t even a couple. There is one. He has the size, athleticism, zip on ball, spiral/easy to catch ball and elite accuracy to be everything you want and then some. In fact, he beat Georgia in that playoff game. The Buckeye defense lost the game. If the Panthers go anybody but CJ, Tepper should immediately fire Fitterer. As is, if they go with Anthony Richardson or Bryce Young at #1 they'll be fired in 2 years cause Tepper doesn't know the definition of patience. So, when the latter two struggle because the Panthers are not a good roster or franchise at the moment it’ll be out with this regime too. CJ, I don’t see struggling. He’s going to come in and immediately alter any franchise he plays for, bad franchise or good. Like Burrow did for Cincy, or Mahomes did for KC (although KC was not a terrible franchise a la the Bengals).

2. Houston Texans- QB Anthony Richardson, Florida

Will still be a shocker on draft day given that nobody is really expecting this, but Houston doing Texans things shouldn't surprise nobody. Remind me again, why it was Sauce was available at #4 last year; oh yeah, that's right Houston had their choice and didn't take the consensus top guy. They took Stingley instead. Richardson is Cam Newton, minus the accolades. I don't personally take him #2 overall, but I also don't take Bryce. Houston is going QB, question is it the Steph Curry of football or does Houston live by the motto "everything’s just bigger in Texas"?

3. *TRADE* Indianapolis Colts- QB Bryce Young, Alabama

#4, #106, and a 2024 2nd round for pick #3 and 2024 5th round pick.

Just to be up front, I am biased towards Chris Ballard, Billy Beane and Andy Reid. I believe all 3 of them to be excellent personnel managers. Obviously, don't agree with every move (even then one's they've been right about) but I think very highly of all 3 men and their scouting departments.

That out of the way, this isn't let's have Houston pass on Bryce so Ballard can be the genius GM who gets to steal the Steph Curry of football. I don't like Bryce as a prospect. In fact, I believe that Ballard trading up will be universally loved on draft day, but at re-evaluation time it will be highlighted as the selection and trade up that got Ballard the axe. If I am Ballard, I screw over Baltimore and sign Lamar to the deal they seem unwilling to fork over, and say f them picks and f over the city of Baltimore yet again.

Steph can be Steph cause there's no Kobe in his face, putting hands on him. Bryce won’t have the room he had at Bama in the NFL, even if he goes to the Colts who should have the best line of the 3 teams in the top 4 who are going to take a QB. Plus, even the NFL certainly has gotten soft, but I still ultimately fear for the Pat White effect for Bryce. One massive pop and it can be career ending at his size. This isn't the NBA where he can be bubble wrapped all the time. That shot is coming; can he handle it? We are going to find out.

On top of that, I think he has Chad Pennington's noodle of an arm. His legs can play as the dude has speed, and start and go ability, rivaled only probably by Lamar and Kyler. However, both those dudes can bomb it deep. I don't think Bryce will be able to consistently in the NFL, and you can't be Steph unless you rain them in from deep all game long. There's a reason why he didn't throw at the combine...

All that hate being said, his best bet is the Colts. Coach Steichen worked with Jalen as a run first, pass second QB. Not sure that’s what he wants to do for his career, but he isn’t afraid of it. And obviously can be quite successful with that type of QB.

4. *Arizona Cardinals- OLB Will Anderson, Alabama

Thanks to the Bears trading down, Arizona sits in the driver seat to take the first non-QB off the board. Thanks to the Colts trade, new GM Monti Ossenfort can double down on his win by recouping more draft capital and still get the non-QB they covet. Their pass rush is pretty much a steaming pile of cow manure now that JJ retired and Chandler left. New blood to get after the QB is needed and Will is universally viewed as the top edge prospect in 2023. If Jalen Carter did have the recent red flag pop up, maybe, but even still when the bears traded down to #9, it feels like Will Anderson to the Cardinals has been written in stone.

5. Seattle Seahawks- DE Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech

So, here I think is where the draft really starts to get interesting. Again, Richardson at #2 over Young would cause conversation, but I do expect the top 4 picks to be the top QB’s and OLB Will Anderson. What Seattle does is a complete wildcard. I almost put RB Bijan Robinson here, also flirted with DT Jalen Carter before finally settling back on Tyree Wilson. Wilson is a freak of nature physically, which certainly seems to always intrigue Schneider, Carroll and the rest of the Seattle brass. Add in they have a need at edge rush, and I think it’s Wilson over Robinson with Carter being left out of the discussion due to recent character concerns.

6. Detroit Lions- DT Jalen Carter, Georgia

When Penei fell to them at #7, the Lions didn’t worry about position fit at RT, they just took the talent. Jaguars went Walker and Detroit just said thank you and took Hutchinson last year. Carter, prior to the recent allegations, was considered consensus top 2 defensive prospect. So, if he falls to 6, I think Detroit will again take the talent. Surely, they only do so if they are not one of the teams who are like, character flaw off our board he goes.

7. Oakland Raiders- CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

If Detroit does have concerns about Carter, flip flop Gonzalez and Carter. As is, the Raiders signed Brandon Facyson but they still have not re-signed Rock Ya-Sin. So, somebody opposite him is still needed. Gonzalez has seemed to have pulled himself away from the pack when it comes to being the top CB prospect. Size, speed and excellent tape so I expect him to be a top 10 pick.

8. *TRADE* Pittsburgh Steelers- CB Joey Porter Jr., Penn St.

#16, #120 and 2024 first round pick for picks #8 and #182

Colbert, Tomlin and the Steelers were "f them picks" before Les Snead put it on a shirt, and made it cool. Traded a first round to come up for LB Devin Bush, trading a first for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Certainly feels like an organization that will not shy away from coming up to get their guy. Add in that person is son of former Steeler legend Joey Porter who all of Pittsburgh loves, and I fully expect the Steelers to come up into the top 10 to draft Porter.

9. Chicago Bears- WR Quentin Johnson, TCU

I think Chicago winds up sending #33 to Cincinnati for Jonah Williams to solve the LT position, so instead of the best linemen I think Chicago is due to surprise the draft world and take the top WR on their board here. Yes, I know they just picked up DJ Moore, but I do not think that necessarily precludes them from doubling down at the WR position. DJ and Quentin will completely change Fields life, and the Chicago offense.

10. *TRADE* Houston Texans- WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State

#12, #73, 2024 4th round pick for #10 and 2024 6th round pick.

Houston, not wanting to lose out on a WR should a mini run on WR take place right before them, now that Chicago surprised and took Q.Johnson; come up to secure a WR#1 for their new Franchise QB, or at least who they hope is their new franchise QB. Philly likely not in WR market, but they will be open to business to somebody who is. Tennessee still needs WR despite taking Burks in the first last year.

11. Tennessee Titans- OT Paris Johnson, Ohio State

Honestly, I think Will Levis will be discussed long and hard here, but I think that the Titans will use #11 to obtain their replacement for Lewan. Paris or Skoronski? Well Paris has the length you want for your LT, so I think he ends up being the first offensive linemen taken.

12. *Philadelphia Eagles- RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

Almost had them coming up to 5 with Seattle to leapfrog Detroit to obtain Bijan Robinson, so for them to go backward and still get the top RB prospect to replace departed Myles Sanders is a bonus. As a longhorn and Bijan fan, I will hate this pick, but just makes too much sense to me for it not to happen. I don’t think it will happen at #10 since Howie has to wheel and deal somehow, but I expect the Eagles to end up with Robinson.

13. *TRADE* Green Bay Packers- CB Kelee Ringo, Georgia

Packers Trade #15 and Aaron Rodgers to NYJ for #13, #45, next year's 2nd, WR Corey Davis and OT/G Mekhi Becton

Not quite the haul that Detroit got for Stafford, but still I think a fairly decent haul. Packers don't get an actual one, only move up 2 spots; but they do get 2 two's, 1 should be starter and 1 potential starter for a guy who was going to retire until you pissed him off. Good job.

Ringo is an excellent pick, and will help the Packers to continue to play stingy defense. They have a big time need opposite Jaire as Kevin King isn't cutting it. However, what Murphy and Guntekunst better hope for, is that they can quickly find Love's replacement because I truly feel he is fixing to get both these men fired. Watson is fine, but I do think Doubs is overhyped. Tunyan is gone, Lazard is gone (although this one doesn't hurt as bad) and the line has fallen into the abyss. I think dark days lie ahead for the Packers offense. Defense doesn't matter when you're offense is hot garbage and you don't have a QB worth a snap.

14. New England Patriots- WR Zay Flowers, Boston College

Certainly not at all the expected next WR off the board, that would be Jordan Addison on many big boards. Belichick does not care.

15. *New York Jets- TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah

With Rodgers now in tow, more weapons for him to make that magical run are going to be the main focus. Kincaid is not the best TE, in my opinion, but he is the best receiving TE prospect in the draft so I think he will be in serious consideration for the NYJ if they in fact get a trade done for Rodgers.

16. *Atlanta Falcons- DE Myles Murphy, Clemson

Could easily go at #8, so to drop back 8 spots and pick up a first in 2024, which sets Atlanta up to be the main player for top QB in 2024 is a win in any GM's book.

Falcons needs help at pass rush, and feels like to me the Falcons franchise tends to take southern prospects over northern (Van Ness of Iowa).

17. *TRADE* Baltimore Ravens- WR Jordan Addison, USC

#22, #124 and 2024 2nd round pick for #17.

DeCosta getting antsy that all the top WR prospects will once again be gone by the time he gets to select, instead trades up and gets his guy. Addison to me is the top WR prospect in the draft so to get him as the last WR taken in the first at pick #17 will be looked back as a steal.

18. Detroit Lions- LB Trenton Simpson, Clemson

They re-signed Anzalone but could still use an upgrade next to him in the middle of the Lions defense. Simpson seems to be a late bloomer in the prospect game and is now considered the top ILB prospect over Campbell and Sanders. He will get the benefit of not being expected to be the man right away, instead rather learn the playbook and his role, and see ball get ball type role his first year in the league.

19. Tampa Bay Bucaneers- OG/T Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

Smith, Marpet, Cappa and likely to be soon Ryan Jensen are all gone from that Super Bowl team 3 years ago. They need to quickly fix that, or they are bound to relapse to NFC bottom dweller. Until measurements, considered by many to be the top offensive line prospect in this years class, but with short arms he may be in for a bit of a slide. Whether at G or RT (Wirfs is going to the left side, I think) he should help the Buccaneers help to fix the gaping wound on their offensive line.

20. *TRADE* Buffalo Bills- LB Jack Campbell, Iowa

#27, #91 for pick #20

The Chargers, Commanders, Vikings, Jaguars, Giants, and Cowboys could all be in play for LB’s, so if Beane wants one he either must go get one or stress through the wait. He isn’t going to overpay though. Seattle seems like a prime team to take less than what most others would demand, so they take an extra 3rd to move back 7 spots.

21. Los Angeles Chargers- LB Drew Sanders, Arkansas

Drue Tranquill is now playing for the rival in KC, so a replacement is needed.

22. *Washington Commanders- CB Deonte Banks, Maryland

Washington needs DB help, and Banks is a local-ish prospect (Baltimore is technically home base for Banks). I just like this link too much.

23. Minnesota Vikings- QB Will Levis, Kentucky

Adofo-Mensah gets his guy. I am not sure that Levis will ever be a quality NFL starter, but Vikings would be a good landing place. He will not be forced to start, but honestly Cousins will not hinder his chance to start early. If Levis outplays Kirk, the Vikings will make the change week 1. If not, let Kirk takes the shots early on and if the team starts to fall off playoff pace move onto Will and let him learn through the mistakes.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars- DT Calijah Kancey, Pitt

Not a massive sized man, but Kancey is a potential interior pass rush nightmare. Jaguars have a need help on the interior of the defensive line too, so if the Jaguars are convinced he is BPA this is an easy choice.

25. New York Giants- OC Joe Tippman, Wisconsin

I do think the Giants are ok with going into the season Bredeson as the starting OC, as they took a chance on Feliciano and that work out well enough last season. Bredeson is a younger version of Feliciano so should he take hold of the reins to the position there is more of a long term future there. As is, the way this offseason has gone has screamed that Joe is either going iOL at #25 or trading up from #57 to get his center of the future for the Giants. Now, does the run of DBs make him panic or does he switch sights to where his board says the value is most. Tippman has been a late riser, and has some fans in the scouting community who think he’s a late round OC prospect a la fellow Badger Travis Fredericks. Biasdiaz was thought of the same way until late in his draft process, and his slipped to the third round. Cowboys don’t seem unhappy about that. Wisconsin sure can produce centers, so if taking one at #25 Tippman seems like the most logical choice right now.

26. Dallas Cowboys- TE Darnell Washington, Georgia

Dalton Schultz signed with the Texans, which I find shocking because I think he is an absolute underrated TE in the NFL. Washington eats Schultz for breakfast but does not sacrifice much in terms of speed and explosion being bigger than the average TE. So, if the Cowboys can make this swap out this offseason it should turn out positively.

27. *Seattle Seahawks- RB Jamhyr Gibbs, Alabama

Robinson is a potential target at #5, if you ask me. Helps recently signed Geno, by giving him a potential game changer in the backfield with him. I am just not sure the Seahawks, who passed with Marshawn on the field, will value a RB as a top 5 pick. They did take Penny (who I actually liked in 2018) in the 20’s, so if the Seahawks can trade back and take the RB, I only think it makes it more logical. Gibbs has plenty of speed, which with a good passing attack should give him more room to run, is a sneaky play for ROY if he goes to Seattle. There offensive line is improved, DK and Lockett at outside playmakers, and his ability to go from 0 to 60 in half a step are a dangerous combo.

28. Cincinnati Bengals- CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois

Eli Apple needs to not be on an NFL roster, in my opinion. He is too much of a headache on social media for a meh player who should be the #5 CB on your roster.

29. New Orleans Saints- TE Luke Musgrave, Oregon State

Derek Carr worked well with Waller so the Saints would be wise to give Carr a big target at the TE position. I think Musgrave over Mayer, but honestly the top 4 TE prospects should all be quality NFL players. Musgrave, Washington, Mayer, Kincaid would be my order, but I do think Dalton is walking away as #1 TE on most boards given he seems to be the biggest receiving threat.

30. Philadelphia Eagles- CB/S Brian Branch, Alabama

The Eagles lost multiple members of the secondary, one of which was starting safety Mike Epps.

31. Kansas City Chiefs- DE Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame

They just took Karlaftis last year in the draft, but still could use more help at edge rusher.

#57. CB/S Antonio Johnson, Texas A&M

Good chance they move up for him, but with so many DBs in the upcoming draft a few are bound to fall. Johnson can be a starting safety or the teams #2 cb. That will be up to Wink to decide. Depending on how the board falls, he will likely be my BPA at #25 so to get him 32 picks later would be a steal in my opinion.

#89. RB Zach Charbonnet, UCLA

After getting two potential day 1 starters in the first two rounds, Schoen takes more of a long term pick in the third round. Sure, Charbonnet will get snaps early on. However, this is who Schoen wants to be able to move onto after the season so he doesn’t have to sink big money into Barkley.

#128. OT Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse

Can be developed to take over the RG spot from Glowinksi while also being developed as a potential back up swing tackle.

*TRADE* #142. DT/DE Dante Stills, West Virginia

#160, #240 to Cleveland Browns for #142

Schoen has added beef this offseason, and may add more with A’Shawn Robinson. However, the Roster could use a smaller, quicker interior pass rush option. Stills was that guy for the mountaineers. Wasn’t elite at it, but this is the 5th round so nobody you draft going to be elite; unless Jalen Carter stock really take a tumble. Not wanting to wait around 18 picks, Schoen gives up his second of four 7th round picks to secure Stills.

#172. QB Max Duggan, TCU

Should he fall to the fifth round, he’s worth the flyer. Unlike Levis, he won’t be brought in with any idea that he could potentially unseat Daniel for the position. However, he could play well enough that #2 as a Rook isn’t out of the question. Cutting Tyrod recoups 5 million, and having a young, trusted backup QB when you have a mobile Franchise guy is paramount.

#209. TE Payne Durham, Purdue

He was able to use his size at Purdue to produce numbers, but after running slower than some linemen he may no longer be a draftable prospect on many boards. With a name like Payne and size, should be able to block some though, right? If not he will be a PS candidate early on you hope to develop into something.

#243. WR Jake Bobo, UCLA

Stretch Armstrong likely doesn’t crack the 53 as a rookie, but if he can show enough speed at the NFL level he has the catch radius of a giraffe he’s so long.

#254. ILB Micah Bakersfield, LSU

Even with the signing of Okereke and the selection of two day 3 LBers in 2022, I don’t think Schoen and Co. are done addressing the position.

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