(Extremely) Simplified Ranking of the 2023 Center Class

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how the centers in this class stack up against eachother, so I've taken the liberty of compiling all of the information I've found into one place. Nobody wants to read a 50 paragraph analysis though, so I've also taken the liberty of simplifying that information as much as possible into what I believe are the main points: Athleticism, Technique, Strengths, Weaknesses, and to give you a rough idea of where they are expected to be drafted, Average Prospect Ranking.

#1- John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota

Athleticism: C+

Technique: A+

Strengths: Run blocking, Football IQ

Weaknesses: Speed rushers, Age

Average Prospect Ranking: 49th overall

#2- Joe Tippmann, Wisconsin

Athleticism: A

Technique: B

Strengths: Pass blocking, Pull blocking

Weaknesses: Leverage, Discipline

Average Prospect Ranking: 57th overall

#3- Luke Wypler, Ohio State

Athleticism: A-

Technique: B-

Strengths: Lateral quickness, Hand placement

Weaknesses: Arm length, Balance

Average Prospect Ranking: 80th overall

#4- Olusegun Oluwatimi, Michigan

Athleticism: C+

Technique: C+

Strengths: Range, Blocking angles

Weaknesses: Coordination, Footwork

Average Prospect Ranking: 94th overall

#5- Jarrett Patterson, Notre Dame

Athleticism: C-

Technique: C

Strengths: Leverage, Second level blocks

Weaknesses: Pass protection, Arm length

Average Prospect Ranking: 111th overall

#6- Ricky Stromberg, Arkansas

Athleticism: B+

Technique: D-

Strengths: Football IQ, Awareness

Weaknesses: Agility, Overall technique

Average Prospect Ranking: 125th overall

#7- Juice Scruggs, Penn State

Athleticism: C+

Technique: D

Strengths: Ball get-off, Hand placement

Weaknesses: Balance, Footwork

Average Prospect Ranking: 192nd overall

#8- Alex Forsyth, Oregon

Athleticism: D-

Technique: C+

Strengths: Ball get-off, Overall technique

Weaknesses: Range, Coordination

Average Prospect Ranking: 207th overall

Now, this list isn't the be-all end-all, but it is an amalgamation of many different sources and opinions, so I think its pretty close to the consensus among draftniks and talent evaluators. I hope this will help you all with your mock drafts!

(Sources: PFN's Consensus Big Board, Draft Net, ESPN, Sport News, Draft Buzz, The Athletic, MD DB Consensus Big Board, Bleacher Report, Count Down, PFF, and SI)

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