Dirtbag and Gates are gone. So now the Giants are Shopping for a Center

Big Blue need look no further than down the hall to the poor relations locker room. For some odd reason the jets don't seem to feel that Connor McGovern is the right guy for the job. I and the Giants do and should disagree. The Giants should pounce and do so quickly. Connor McGovern is a big, strong, quick and intelligent 29 year old, 8 year veteran NFL Center who has been under- appreciated and who probably can be had at a reasonable, possibly bargain rate. If so, he can seamlessly start and anchor the 2023 O-Line. That said: They need to draft their future starting Center in rd.1 or 2.

Here's a wild idea, forget about a high round WR and find the cash for a one-year incentive laden deal with OBJ.

Here's another: FA LB Myles Jack and then start trading. Trade #25 with Chicago going back for 2nd rd. picks 53,and 61 and 3rd rd. pick 64. Their 5 choices in rounds 2 and 3 this year would then be #53, #57, #61, #64 and #89. These picks might get a haul that looks like.

#53 Corner Cam Smith, #57 Center, Joe Tippman or Luke Wypler #61 LB Jack Campbell or Trenton Simpson, #64 Safety Sydney Brown, #89 WR Xavier Hutchinson and then in the 4th round grab C/OG Jarrett Patterson

That's It what say you? Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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