Losing Love is A Killer

I really like Slayton and I don't know how the contracts were structured, but if I had to give either Slayton or Love the 12 Million, I'm sorry but I'm giving it to Julian Love! I really didn't think he would go because Seattle already has 3 safeties in place that he is going to have to try to beat out. No matter what and for So Many Reasons, he is a true loss.

Maybe Belton or Pinnock can fill the void on the field but do either of them have the potential to be or replace a Captain? Safety now becomes a position of need in the draft. This turn of events also screams loudly for the return of Collins and tells me that they might be drafting a pair of CBs on day 2.

Meanwhile: I'm still hoping that they will sign Myles Jack. If not, I'd love to have Campbell or Simpson in the draft.

I'd still like to draft a TE. There are several in the mold of Bellinger., (A True Find and a reason to trust in Schoen.)

It seems pretty obvious that Feliciano will be back at least as a mentor or backup to a high round Center. Schmitz, Tippman, Patterson or, Whylie. (I Hope)

For now, overall, I am pretty content, even though the signing of the younger, healthier Gesicki for 9 million might have been more to my liking and would have saved that 3rd round pick. I'm still stung by the loss of Love.

I guess I'll just keep watching and hoping that things fall right for the Giants. Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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