Impact of the Waller Trade

I've done a lot of film study and reading on the Chief's offense. There are 2 excellent books on Amazon for the X & O junkies:

  • 2021 Kansas City Chiefs Third Down Offense
  • Breaking Down the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs Offense

Kafka came over from KC, and a lot of KC's concepts are in the Giants playbook. Kelce is the piece that drives the KC offense. They move him around and put him in motion a lot. The Chief's favorite passing formation is 3x1 with Kelce flexed as the single receiver. This causes huge matchup headaches for the defense. How do they cover him? CB? SS? LB? This alignment telegraphs the pass coverage, but also isolates Kelce in a lot of favorable matchups. If he is doubled, it opens up all kinds of possibilities to the trips side.

In Waller, Kafka and Daboll have their Kelce. This is an incredible move for the offense, and I couldn't be happier.

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