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Ian Rapoport: Daniel Jones contract will be ‘less than what has been reported’

Jones will get paid, but not at $45 million

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

On Monday afternoon, NFL insider Ian Rapoport appeared on former NFL player and current podcaster Pat McAfee’s show to break down some of the NFL offseason’s biggest stories.

Among topics discussed included that of the contract negotiations regarding New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Those negotiations garnered a significant amount of media attention after the fourth-year signal caller reportedly asked for $45 million a year and switching agencies after the Giants rebuked his proposed price tag.

When the two sat down to discuss Jones, McAfee was quick to ask Rapoport, one of the league’s most well-connected insiders, if Jones’ request for $45 million was accurate or simply a negotiation tactic. Rapoport believes that there is a clear market for quarterbacks in the NFL, and unsurprisingly one of Jones’ caliber will not be cheap:

“I wouldn't be surprised if it came in and the number started with a 4,” Rapoport said. “...The market for quarterbacks is either $40 (million) and above or other. I mean, it’s the good ones who are your franchise quarterback or it’s the, with all due respect, (the others)”

McAfee followed up, asking Rapoport what this meant for Jones’ final contract numbers. While the price tag may still be high, Rapoport appeared confident that the final per year salary will ultimately come in below Jones’ asking price:

“In negotiations, everyone asks for more, the team offers less, and then you settle in the middle,” Rapoport said. “So him asking for $45 (million), I don’t know for sure that that demand or request was made in negotiations, and if it was that would be fine, but I expect the number to come in less than that regardless.”