Saquon's contract

So, last year I predicted that Daniel would get a deal similar to the one he eventually signed. Schoen got him to sign at slightly lower than I predicted, I said 4 years 166 million, but I was in the ballpark. The same thing happened with OBJ and Gettleman back in 2018 when I said he would get 5 years for 100 million, and be the first 20 million per year WR. He got 5 years at 95 million. Now, I am back this year running my mouth about Barkley getting paid, and much like my takes on OBJ and Danny Dimes my contract for Barkley enrages fans. For those that don’t read my annoying offseasons, I am predicting a 4 year deal worth 64 million dollars total, with 20 million guaranteed- cap hits of 7, 20, 19, 18.

Those fans, not saying they're wrong for thinking I am looney tunes, will give you a plethora of reasons why Saquon will not get that contract. He’s past his prime at 27 years old, he’s injury prone, he’s the dreaded running back position, and so on and so forth. I have one simple response to all of that, and that is "but then there’s Saquon". Yes, a running back is over the hill in the NFL at 27 years old, then there’s Saquon. Yes, a running back with an injury history loses his edge quicker, but then there’s Saquon. Yes, running backs can’t shoulder the load into the 30’s, but then there’s Saquon. Sure, running backs are a dime a dozen and every team just has loads of success running the ball with day 3 backs (sarcasm), but then there’s Saquon. Special defies the norms, and without a shadow of a doubt Saquon is special.

Barkley isn’t your standard running back nor should he be treated as such. To do so would be an insult. Barkley is not your run of mill running back in terms of ability, not in build and most importantly to this topic not as a receiver. Barkley’s ability to affect the game on the offensive side of the ball as a receiver, a la Marshall Faulk, will allow him to remain a prominent threat and game changer far longer than if he just was a threat to score every hand off. In fact, I’d take it a step further and say he’s better in the passing game than swing it out to me on pretty much a sweep play Marshall Faulk was. Barkley is the best WR playing RB I have ever seen in terms of route running. He can line up out wide, in the slot or swing out the backfield and run every route on the tree. When he does, he will outrun any linebacker and outmuscle any defensive back.

It is these abilities that will allow him to remain that game changer going forward, and I am not just saying as a receiver. Not just having to take a hand off and bullrush his way to success will allow him to maintain a longer career, especially with his build. I know that he has had leg injuries, so the tree trunks are not unbreakable by any means. However, his build allows him to heal from injuries more successfully than others which he has proven with each injury. I don’t expect that to wear down over the next 5 years, despite what the data tells you happens to your typical average running back.

Now, there will always be the fans that say you never pay the running back that kind of money. As I said with Daniel’s deal last year, none of those fans are John Mara. Too many people believe that John is out of the equation entirely, and that just isn’t the case. Barkley being one of the faces of the franchise, a model human being in and out of the building, and pretty much the only thing Mara has going for his beloved Giants excitement wise (at least offensively), Schoen will be given a directive to try and make a deal happen. Now, if Barkley and his agent were demanding something egregious, then I don’t believe that Mara would tell Schoen no matter what and give in. However, if it’s over a couple million dollars per year, I doubt that Mara would let Barkley walk. He would highly recommend Schoen figure out the numbers CAP wise, cause Mara has the money to cover the deal.

And Joe will listen to his boss. We all like our checks being signed…

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