State of the Team and Future Outlook

The state of the team in the locker room is good. After the last couple of rumored moves the team made right now, all these games coming up, for the most part, are winnable games, except the Eagles games after the loss to the 49ers. They still have a one-game lead over the Niners and Lions for the one seed, so that they could sit a few starters depending on the outcomes of the next handful of games, but at the moment, it looks like a 70-30 chance they would have to win that second game against us. So that leaves at 4-10. Say we win out now (7-10), and we have an early-mid teens pick that is a good to great starter based on value or need, so that pick is a day one starter, then the next two seconds become starters/critical role players, and the rest of the picks are development/depth/special teamers. But, if we lose out at 4-13, that's a top 6 pick that can be used for a staple player or get value. Tanking isn't good, but winning these meaningless games, what's the point? More say is what the gray area is that play the younger guys and core players to our future, and so we can see what we have and say we finish 5-12, we still have a top 10 pick, but we try to win but, do what's best for team morale.

Now, we address the issues in the offseason and fix the glaring holes, as we did with the cornerbacks and linebackers group last offseason. Right now, we need a star pass catcher, playing calling that's dull and not productive, and the only success is when our QB is running for his life and making a good play. The defense looks great, but the problem for this offseason to address is starters. We have 4-star players at each level of the defense, and looking at this offseason, we need to add d-linemen to pair with D-Law and figure out a couple of secondary spots (CB2, SLOT, FS). We need to bring in a new OC, trade for the disgruntled WR, trim the fat, and keep drafting as they have been, even if they aren't hitting on every pick, which is super unrealistic, they have produced currently on this team 6 clear starters on the team (not including Hyatt and Neal) which is pretty good with decent backups (Gray, Riley, Owens, Belton, Bellinger). A couple of those backups can become starters. So that's to be conservative, at least 8-9 starters for next season. Then add three starters with those three picks in the first and second that's 11-12 starters. That's half of the starter spots on the offense and defense. So, keep building. It's rough. It is going to be a process. It is only Year 2 of the Daboll/Schoen Era.

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