They are what they are and there are things to be done!

In 2024 Daniel Jones will be the QB and I'm not bothered by that at all. Let him get healthy and put some quality players around him and we will see a new and improved version of Danny Dimes. I also like the suggestion this week that the Bears will draft a QB and trade Fields to the Giants for a fourth- round pick.

Evan Neal will find a home and have a great career playing LG in between Andrew Thomas and MJS. When these three get in sync the Giants should be able to do anything they want going off the left side. Barkley's game will be insane. On the right side, I would look for the best young FA available at RT, but if they can't get a plug in and play starter, I would be all in on drafting Joe Alt in round 1. At RG, draft a kid like Cooper Beebe or Zach Zinter. I'd keep Bredeson as an OG/ backup Center. Also, re-sign Pugh and keep the 2 kids from North Carolina for O-line depth.

I really like Adoree Jackson. The guy is only 28 and has proven he can play at a high level in this system, but I'm afraid they won't be able to afford him. I like McKinney and I think they do too, So, Pay the Man! They will probably need to draft a CB or 2. I also wouldn't be upset if they brought back Peppers as a SS allowing McKinney to freelance a bit and roam Center Field. The one piece they really miss on the back end is the Swiss Army knife, Julian Love.

They need to sign or draft a legitimate beast to stop the run and bring pressure next to Dex. It's tough to say but they can't give up on Ojulari. However, they need to be realistic and find a bookend to help Thibs or risk losing his best efforts and health to constant double teams. Keeping Simmons and finding more ways to use him is a must. On passing downs he brings the long sought and badly needed guy to cover and limit opposing Tight Ends. For instance, I would love to see him get more chances to pin back his ears and come on the Blitz.

Concerning the draft: They won't be taking a QB early and If Alt and Brock Bowers are gone when they pick in round one, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to trade a very little bit further down in the first to pick up a Lower first along with another second and third. Having 6 picks in the first 100 off the board along with a FA or two, some progressive improvement from the rookies, returns from injuries, continued development from the second- year guys and any luck at all, the 2024 Giants could be serious contenders!

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