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Poll: Did Brian Daboll make right choice at QB for Giants?

Tyrod Taylor will be the starter on Sunday, but is that the right move?

NFL: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants served up a curveball at halftime against the Philadelphia Eagles when Tyrod Taylor took the field as the Giants’ quarterback.

Tommy DeVito wasn’t injured and Brian Daboll had previously said that DeVito earned the right to start. The Giants were riding a wave of excitement that saw them win three of four games despite their starting and backup quarterback landing on the injured reserve.

And yet it was Taylor who nearly lead the Giants to a stunning comeback win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Taylor could well have completed the upset, but missed some throws in crucial situations

The Giants have two games left: This week against the Los Angeles Rams, and their rematch against the Eagles in the season finale. So then, who should start at quarterback for the Giants for those final two games?

Tyrod Taylor is pretty plainly the better quarterback right now. The 13-year vet has seen it all in his time, has much more experience in the Giants’ offense than DeVito, and gives the Giants their best chance to win.

DeVito, on the other hand, is a rookie who could be a low-cost option as a backup quarterback for the next two years (or beyond). The Giants’ season is effectively over after being eliminated from the playoffs. They could look to use these final games as a chance to evaluate their young players. Should DeVito get the start despite not getting much done against the Eagles for the experience and so the Giants can see if he can be a piece going forward?

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