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NFL power rankings, Week 17: The end of Devito-mania?

Where do the Giants place this week?

The New York Giants appeared to be changing the narrative of their lost season when they put together a three-game win streak earlier in December. Now, after a second straight loss, the Giants are back at the very bottom of most sports outlets’ weekly power rankings.

Monday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles had a closer final score than most Giants losses this year, but national pundits seem to have even harsher criticism than usual this week. Pete Prisco of CBS Sports writes that the 33-25 defeat came because the Giants “just aren’t good enough,” and several other reporters have declared this the end of Tommy Devito’s time in the limelight.

The Devito downfall narrative may be a bit premature. He was benched in the second half on Sunday, and the offense certainly looked more effective once Tyrod Taylor took over. But as of Tuesday night, head coach Brian Daboll has yet to name a starting quarterback for next week against the Los Angeles Rams. And it’s not as if Taylor played a flawless game.

The Giants have also been officially eliminated from playoff contention, changing the temperament of their season as they play their final two games. New York plays the surging Rams before a rematch with the Eagles, meaning it’s possible they won’t see much movement in the power rankings until the offseason.

Aggregate ranking: 28

Last week: 26

CBS Sports (28)

They battled against the Eagles, but they just aren’t good enough. Tommy DeVito-mania seems to be over.

Bleacher Report (29)

DeVito also said there are no hard feelings.

“[Daboll] wanted to have a spark or change, anything we could have,’’ DeVito said. “I understand it’s a business. We weren’t scoring enough points, so the change was made. That was that.”

Daboll wouldn’t say who will start for the Giants in Week 17. But if he’s looking to close the year with a win or two, it’s pretty clear that Taylor gives the Giants the best chance to do that.

FOX Sports (26)

Tommy DeVito struggling against an NFC heavyweight isn’t exactly a surprise. Now I’m curious to see if the Giants stick with Tyrod Taylor the rest of the way or give the rookie another shot. (28)

I’ll be fascinated to see how Brian Daboll handles the quarterback position for the final two games. Not that long ago, it would have been sacrilegious to suggest anyone but Tommy DeVito should get those snaps. It raises the question as to whether DeVito has somewhat fallen out of favor. I’m not sure that’s the case, but the bloom might be off that rose for now. DeVito’s ceiling might be as a backup, but how Daboll handles these final games could tell us a lot on that matter.

Yahoo Sports (28)

The Tommy DeVito story was a lot of fun but like Linsanity, it had a very short shelf life. You could see the difference on Monday when Tyrod Taylor got in the game. It will be interesting to see what a 5-10 team wants to do at quarterback the rest of the way.

USA Today (29)

A bottle of red, a bottle of white … season came crashing down around Tommy DeVito on Christmas night. (Yes, Billy Joel did it better.)

Sportsnaut (27)

The Tommy DeVito era is over and one could argue that should be the same fate for Daniel Jones in 2024. However, the New York Giants have already committed to Jones as their starting quarterback next season, which is a major gamble. With all of the holes on New York’s roster, it feels like 2024 will deliver much closer results to what we’ve seen this year than what now seems like a fluke 2022 campaign.

Sporting News (27)

The Giants fought hard again vs. the Eagles but their offensive issues simply refused to go away with Tommy DeVito. Brian Daboll is trying to save more face with Tyod Taylor in the final two games.

Pro Football Network (27)

Is the Tommy DeVito era officially over in New York? It was fun while it lasted, but the Giants pulled the plug on “Tommy Cutlets” after he averaged just 3.4 yards per attempt against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday. While head coach Brian Daboll hasn’t revealed who will start for Big Blue in Week 17, veteran Tyrod Taylor was effective in his opportunity.

New York Post (27)

What else is new? The Giants lost an 11th straight game in Philadelphia, 33-25, as Tommy “Cutlets” DeVito Mania screeched to a halt when he was benched at halftime. Tyrod Taylor led a couple of second-half touchdown drives and Adoree Jackson scored on defense, but Taylor’s pass into the end zone on the final play with a chance to tie was intercepted.