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Coordinator corner: Notes from Wink Martindale, Mike Kafka, Thomas McGaughey

Highlights from weekly press availability

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles
Cade York
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants coordinators Wink Martindale, Mike Kafka and Thomas McGaughey each had some interesting things to say to media on Thursday. Here are some of the highlights.

Wink Martindale (DC)

On not generating pressure against the Saints ...

“I know it’s the answer that you don’t want to hear, is that you give credit to them. We pressured them 61 percent of the time in that game, but he (Saints quarterback Derek Carr) was getting rid of the ball in two-and-a-half seconds. He was throwing off his back foot. He was just very good with the football, like I said, very efficient. They were chipping our edges, they were doubling (defensive lineman) Dex(ter Lawrence) when he was in there and my hats off to them, they had a good game plan with it. There were some plays, there was some bang bang plays that we made. The biggest difference in the game with the Saints is we didn’t take the ball away from them and for us to have success, we know we need to take the ball away from them. So, that’s what we try to do every Sunday, or whenever the game is going to be played, this Monday.”

On if this is a good time to face the Eagles ...

“I’m not buying into that. Look, one of the biggest things, one of the greatest challenges of playing Philly, is going against (Eagles center) Jason Kelce. I mean, this guy to me is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He embodies Philly. Just like the fans, mean but smart. This guy, to me, and I said this last year and I don’t know if I said it to you guys, it’s like playing (former Colts and Broncos quarterback) Peyton Manning and it’s not sexy so he doesn’t get that Peyton Manning type credit, but he’ll see something, whether it’s a stance, whether it’s a guy putting his mouthpiece in different. He’ll see something and completely flip a protection. So, that chess match is always tough. When people want to talk about their offense or anything else, first thing I’m going to say is: what’s their record? Alright, we know what their record is, so I’m not buying any of that. I give a ton credit to (Eagles head coach) Nick (Sirianni) and this offensive system and (Eagles offensive coordinator) Brian (Johnson). Like I said, I think Jason Kelce, he doesn’t get enough credit. Like I said, he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer. And to (Eagles Executive Vice President/General Manager) Howie (Roseman), I mean their skill that they have at receiver, getting (D’Andre) Swift at running back, he’s a difference maker. So, he has all kinds of weapons, Jalen (Hurts) does offensively, and that guy is a winner. They’ve played some closer games this year. That happens, that’s this league. So, it’s going to be a tough challenge.”

Mike Kafka (OC)

On the Eagles’ switch at defensive coordinator ...

“I think Dabs (Brian Daboll) touched on it a little bit yesterday but with (Matt) Patricia now calling it and Sean (Desai) over the first half of the season, there’s some similarities, a lot of similarities. Obviously, the personnel there, it stays consistent. Coach Patricia – I think there was a couple things that might have felt a little bit different, now into the second week, probably could anticipate a little bit more of things kind of being changed up. We’ve got to be ready for everything. Going to prep through – go through our schemes, go through our personnel groupings, and make sure we’re tied up there.”

On the amount of snaps played by Saquon Barkley ...

“I’d say we want Saquon out on the field as much as possible. Saquon will be out there until he needs to get out, until he needs a blow – he needs to catch his breath and get back out there. That’s really how we work out with him. He’s out there as long as he can until he needs a tap, and another guy comes in.”

Thomas McGaughey (ST)

On needing yet another placekicker with Randy Bullock on IR ...

(The Giants will likely have Cade York kicking. They have already tied a team record with three kickers — Graham Gano, Bullock, Jamie Gillan — making field goals this season).

“It’s a lot. But I told you this early in the season, I said you don’t want to get on the kicker train, because the destination is unknown. Because you don’t know. Once that train gets rolling, you never know where it’s going to end. But it is what it is, we’ll make the adjustments, we won’t make any excuses, just keep it moving.”

On York, a second-year kicker who struggled with the Cleveland Browns last season ...

He’s getting better. He’s working at it. Young specialists are always a work in progress, so those guys are always trying to find a routine, trying to tweak certain things and just work on those small details of what he’s doing. Being around (kicker) Randy (Bullock) and Graham has been huge for him.

“It’s almost unheard of. Even during the offseason, this rarely happens. But he’s been taking advantage of it. And I told him, this is a godsend for you to be able to be around two veteran kickers that have had double-digit years that have both started over 150 games, played in 150 games, in the same building as you at the same time. That’s big for him.”