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NFL Week 16 predictions: A Giant upset of the Eagles?

BBV staff not expecting a Christmas miracle

There are Christmas weekend NFL games to watch on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Here are your Big Blue View staff picks for those Week 16 games. Are any BBV writers brave enough to call for a Christmas miracle in New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles?

Rivka Boord

Even if the Giants had beaten the Saints, I was fully prepared to pick the Eagles by three touchdowns in this game. After the Giants were pummeled by the Saints, my position hasn’t changed. The Giants lost to the Cowboys by a combined 89-17 score this season. They lost 86-29 to the Eagles in the teams’ two meaningful 2022 matchups. I’d be surprised if the Giants keep the game close.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 127-80 (61.4%)

Tony DelGenio

This is not the 2022 Eagles. Maybe they miss Steichen and Gannon. Maybe the OL and DL are starting to get old. Maybe the DBs are mediocre. Maybe it’s just regression to the mean. Whatever, the Birds are ripe to be plucked. Too bad the Giants no longer have the Davis Webb-to-Kenny Golladay connection to take advantage of it. Jalen Carter and Haason Reddick feast on the Giants’ OL. Philly.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 137-86 (61.4%)

Nick Falato

The Eagles are desperate, at home, and the Giants aren’t a good football team. I would love to see New York play spoiler, but I’m not betting on it.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 136-86 (61.3%)

Chris Pflum

The Eagles are on a three-game losing streak, suddenly appear pretty vulnerable, and seem to lack an identity on defense despite all the talent there. The Eagles are even missing Landen Dickerson, one of the best young guards in the NFL. Unfortunately, this game is more likely to be a “get right” game for the Eagles than a surprise upset for the Giants. I expect NY to play hard and be competitive, and I don’t expect the game to be as ugly as the spread is now. But Philly has too much on both sides of the ball, and it’s in The Linc where bad and weird things happen for the Giants.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 96-67 (58.9%)

Jeremy Portnoy

Not much to see here. The Giants’ upcoming series with the Eagles can’t be much worse than their two games with the Cowboys. It can, though, serve as a fitting exclamation point on this disastrous season.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 105-75 (58.3%)

Valentine’s View

I would love to pick a Christmas surprise with the Giants upsetting the Eagles. I am realistic, though. Sure, Philly has lost three straight games. All three of those teams, though — San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle - are superior to the Giants. It would be nice if the Giants could keep this one competitive. Winning it? Nah.

Pick: Eagles
Season: 145-79 (64.7%)