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Tommy DeVito replaces Sean Stellato with new marketing rep

QB trying to maximize his sudden fame, and mend some fences

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With his fame — and demands on his time — growing, New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito has reportedly hired a new marketing rep to replace the colorful Sean Stellato, who will remain DeVito’s agent for football matters.

The New York Post broke the story earlier on Tuesday.

Lepselter is the president of Maxx MGMT.

The first thing DeVito and Lepselter did on Tuesday was some damage control.

Per The Post:

“ ... a scheduled appearance at Coniglio’s Old Fashioned Pizzeria in Morristown was canceled after the owner, Nino Coniglio, said Stellato initially agreed to a fee of $10,000 and then upped the ante to $20,000.

DeVito, along with Lepselter, paid a visit Tuesday evening to Coniglio’s as a good-will gesture and smoothed over any lingering hard feelings.

A video from DeVito’s unpaid visit to Coniglio’s from Darren Rovell:

DeVito, of course, doesn’t know how long his window of opportunity is going to last.

“He’s smart enough to understand where he is,’’ Lepselter said. “In fairness, the kid’s got to capitalize and that’s why we’re here, to help him capitalize, You don’t know how long it’s going to last so people can say whatever they want, but if he’s getting this kind of opportunity he has the right to go after that and pick and choose what he wants to do.’’