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SB Nation Reacts Poll results: Fans want a short-term deal for Saquon Barkley

Almost all Giants fans want Barkley back

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

New York Giants fans overwhelmingly want Saquon Barkley to be a Giant in 2024.

That much is perfectly clear from this week’s SB Nation Reacts poll asking what fans want to do about Barkley’s contract situation.

We asked whether Giants fans wanted Barkley back on a short contract, a long-term contract, or let him test free agency. A full 90 percent of Giants fans responded that they want Barkley back in Blue in 2024. Most of those fans, 55 percent, responded that they would prefer the Giants offer him a short one- or two-year deal — with the understanding that he might turn that deal down.

Another 35 percent of fans want the team to do whatever is necessary to keep Barkley a Giant for the long haul.

That so many Giants fans want to keep Barkley around could be correlated with soaring fan confidence. Despite everything that’s happened this year, Giants fans have reached new heights in confidence. Fan confidence has actually eclipsed the hype from the beginning of the season when many were predicting that the Giants would topple the Cowboys and push for the NFC East crown.

Rising confidence coincides with a looming matchup against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. While the Saints are currently 6-point favorites at home, but they’ve stumbled badly in recent weeks.

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The Giants have lived on the edge over the course of their winning streak, relying heavily on defensive takeaways and Tommy DeVito’s devil may care attitude regarding his own safety. It will be interesting to see what happens regarding fan confidence regardless of a win or loss on Sunday.