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Giants-Saints ‘5 questions’: Will it really be an upset if the Giants win?

It’s our weekly segment with a blogger the Giants’ opponent

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints
Derek Carr
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants face an unfamiliar opponent this week in the New Orleans Saints. We turned to SB Nation’s Canal Street Chronicles this week to learn what we could about the Giants’ Week 15 opponent. Luke Hubbard of CSC answered our ‘5 questions’ this week.

Ed: The Saints look like the classic definition of a mediocre team. How would you describe the team’s season?

Luke: Yeah I agree, this team is the definition of mediocre. It’s been a constant battle of “hey they didn’t look too bad this week!” and “wow, how did they play so bad this week?” Heading into the season I think every Saints fan knew Derek Carr wasn’t a great quarterback, but it’s hard not to be excited about a new QB when Jameis Winston, Trevor Seimien, Ian Book and Andy Dalton were your starters for the last two seasons. Saints fans also knew Dennis Allen is a proven loser as a head coach (despite being one of the best DC’s in the league), but once again, he had us tricked by bringing in a shiny new toy at QB. If I had to describe this season in one word it would be “disappointing.”

Ed: Which is right? Derek Carr can be the long-term starter at QB for the Saints, or … The Saints need to select a quarterback early in the 2024 NFL Draft

Luke: The Saints need to select a quarterback early in the NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It’s almost a 100% certainty that Derek Carr will still be the starting quarterback for the Saints next season due to his contract, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t draft someone. They need to get a Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels in the building and let him sit and learn for a year, but the Saints haven’t drafted a QB in the first round since Archie Manning in like 1750 or something like least it seems like it was that long ago. If this team is going to commit to a rebuild, they need to draft a quarterback early. I don’t care if they completely miss and draft the next Josh Rosen because when a team is bad, fans just need a slimmer of hope, and by drafting a quarterback in the first round, you give them hope and get them excited. If they draft another offensive or defensive lineman in the first round, the fanbase is going to go up in flames.

Ed: If you could take any Giants player and put him into New Orleans’ lineup, who would it be? Why?

Luke: Kayvon Thibodeaux. The Saints have had virtually no pass rush, especially in their last four of five games. Cam Jordan has looked like a shell of himself and Carl Granderson, who just got paid earlier this season, hasn’t shown up as much as he was earlier in the year. The Saints drafted Bryan Bresee, DT from Clemson, in the first round and he’s proven to be pretty good, so pairing him with someone like Thibodeaux would be a nightmare for opposing offensive lines.

Ed: Who are some unheralded players on the Saints roster who Giants fans should be aware of?

Luke: The first one that comes to mind is Paulson Adebo. He’s been having a very good year for the Saints, but he hasn’t really made any huge plays the last couple of weeks, but when you’re a corner, sometimes not hearing your name called a lot is a good thing. Another corner to watch for is Isaac Yiadom. He’s been inserted into the lineup when one of the top three guys get injured, and he’s absolutely balled out everytime he comes in. On offense, I’d say rookie wide receiver A.T. Perry. He hasn’t quite had a breakout game yet, but he’s shown he’s capable of making some big time plays when he gets the ball thrown to him. Outside of them, you could say Bryan Bresee, but I feel like he’s not a super under the radar player, so I’d go with those three.

Ed: DraftKings Sportsbook lists the Saints as a 6-point favorite. The Giants just beat a Green Bay team that was favored by 6.5. Are you comfortable with that? If the Giants are going to pull an upset, what will they need to do?

Luke: If the Giants keep playing like they have been the past three weeks, they should win this game pretty easily. The Saints are playing some of their worst ball of the season during their last four games and there are no signs they’re going to turn it around (even the 28-6 win over the Panthers wasn’t all that convincing). I would avoid the Saints -6 and probably take the Giants in this one. I do think the Saints can find a way to win, but if they do I don’t see it being by a touchdown or more.