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Sterling Shepard on Tommy DeVito, Saquon Barkley, life after football and ... shopping

Shepard speaks to BBV courtesy of Wells Fargo program to support small businesses

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Sterling Shepard joined Wells Fargo, The Bank of Doing, to support local women-owned small businesses at the Wells Fargo Small Business Market at Hudson Yards in New York City on Tuesday.
AP Images for Wells Fargo

New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard talked about Tommy DeVito, Saquon Barkley’s work off the field, why he puts so much into helping young wide receivers like Jalin Hyatt and Wan’Dale Robinson, and more during a 1-on-1 chat with Big Blue View this week.

Shepard was available via a promotion with Wells Fargo, the details of which are explained below.

On Saquon Barkley being the team’s Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee ...

“That’s always been who he is since I’ve known him. He’s always going to be a person that’s going to give back — one of the kindest-hearted people that I know. Not only is he great on the field, but he’s great off the field, as well. He’s always looking at ways, I hear him talking about it all the time, always looking at ways to give back and help support the community in any way he can. He uses his platform the right way. I’m very proud to see that man that he’s become, and the player he’s become as well.”

On the fun of DeVito-mania ...

“It’s definitely brought a lot of excitement to the building, and I think it’s great for the team. It’s given us some energy these past three weeks. We’ve been playing good football, so we’ve got to continue that. I think it starts by just taking it a day at a time and a week at a time. I’m proud of the guys and the way that we’ve been fighting. The beginning of the season didn’t go the way that we wanted it to, but we still have a chance and we all understand that.”

On Tommy DeVito going from curiosity to legit NFL player ...

“I think that may have been the view of him from the outside, but everybody on the inside, since he stepped into this building, knew that he was a ball player. From the moment he stepped on the field he had a sense of confidence that everybody just could feel. And we saw a bit of it in preseason and now he’s getting his time to shine and since the moment that he knew he was getting that starting job he’s had that same confidence. So that gives the guys around him confidence, as well.”

On what life after football might look like for him ...

“Obviously I know I’m closer to the end thanthe beginning, so I think I’ve spent the second half of my career setting that up and, yeah, I’ve taken action to doing that. But, I like to focus be where my feet are, and my feet are right here, right now playing football and that’s what my focus is next week. We have a must win game as well. So, I’m focused on New Orleans and I worry about that stuff whenever it happens, but I definitely do my due diligence and set myself up for success after football. I’m not just a football player.”

On whether he is enjoying watching Jalin Hyatt and Wan’Dale Robinson grow as NFL players ...

“Of course. I work with those guys on the daily and just to see some of the things that you’ve discussed with them on side notes and see it actually come to life during the game is is fulfilling. Those guys are gonna continue to grow and whatever helping hand I can give them, I played a lot of football, whatever helping hand I can give those guys I’m all for it.”

On why it has always been important to him to be a good teammate ...

“I just feel like I can only control what I can control and if that’s what I can do to help my guys I’m gonna do whatever that takes. I’ve always been asked the question what I would want in another teammate, and I’ve always used the word self-less. I want everybody to succeed more than me, or just as much. So when I was going through the Injury process, that whole process that’s what I was thinking in my mind. I could go home, I could rest my knee, I could do that. But, I’m a guy that has been in the league for eight years and the young guys are depending on me to get a little bit more information or whatever it may be. And so I gotta be there for them for that.”

Shep’s work with Wells Fargo

Shepard was available to media on the Giants’ off day (Tuesday) this week via his partnership with Wells Fargo, The Bank of Doing, to support local small businesses this holiday season, particularly those owned by women. He was at the Wells Fargo Small Business Market at Hudson Yards to shop the eight women-owned small businesses from across the Tristate area.

“I think it’s super important that we give back to small businesses. They’re the backbone of our communities and we’re always here to support them and I just think it’s so important, especially me. I’m the only boy in my family and I have people that are very close to me that have started small businesses and no know how it can be sometimes. So that’s the reason why I do it,” Shepard said.

Shepard was also taking the opportunity to knock off some Christmas shopping, especially for his two young daughters and his girlfriend.

“I’ve got a lot of women in my family,” he said.

Now through Jan. 1, Wells Fargo is spotlighting eight Tri-state-area small businesses through the Wells Fargo Small Business Market. The festive shopping experience will provide these local merchants access to a wide range of shoppers living or working in NYC, along with the millions of visitors and tourists who make their way into the city to celebrate the holiday season. Learn more at

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