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NFL Week 15 picks: Can the Giants keep rolling?

BBV staff unanimous in picking Giants to defeat New Orleans Saints

Can the New York Giants continue their surge with a fourth-straight victory on Sunday when they travel to face the New Orleans Saints? Here are the Big Blue View staff predictions for all of the Week 15 games.

Rivka Boord

I’ll keep riding the Tommy DeVito wave until it crests. Derek Carr managed just 4.6 yards per attempt against the Panthers and has recorded a QBR below 33 in his last four starts. Alvin Kamara’s per-touch averages are lackluster this season. The Saints’ run defense is also mediocre, ranking 24th in DVOA and 26th in rush yards allowed per game, which bodes well for both Saquon Barkley and DeVito.

Pick: Giants
Season: 117-74 (61.3%)

Tony DelGenio

The Saints are the very definition of mediocrity and inconsistency. The Giants have gone from the definition of futility to the definition of DeVinsanity. Two things will decide this game: Can the Giants’ pass rush fluster Derek Carr, who wilts in a dirty pocket and is hearing the boo-birds in the Superdome? And can Tommy DeVito move the ball against the Saints’ one elite position group, their secondary? I’ll go with the Giants in a close one to keep the Wild Card dream alive for one more week.

Pick: Giants
Season: 128-79 (61.8%)

Nick Falato

It won’t be easy, but the Giants catch the Saints on their own short week, for they play next Thursday. New York can overcome their short week and continue to ride the DeVito wave, if the defense can hit and harass Carr.

Pick: Giants
Season: 126-80 (61.2%)

Chris Pflum

The Giants are on a short week with a rookie QB going on the road to a place they just don’t win. This isn’t a game the Giants should win, but I think they do anyway. The Saints have stumbled badly over the last six weeks or so amd are still missing Michael Thomas. I’m thinking that the opposing team continues to oblige the Giants with turnovers and the offense does just enough to win an ugly game.

Pick: Giants
Season: 87-60 (59.2%)

Valentine’s View

Oddsmakers don’t want to get on the Tommy Devito bandwagon, but I will. I don’t know how long DeVito and the Giants can keep the good times rolling, but I think they will do it for one more week against a so-so New Orleans team.

Pick: Giants
Season: 135-73 (64.9%)