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Brian Daboll on Tommy DeVito, Wan’Dale Robinson, Mike Kafka’s good night, more

Takeaways from Daboll’s Tuesday presser

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants
Wan’Dale Robinson
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

New York Giants coach Brian Daboll was back in front of the media late Tuesday morning, less than 12 hours after his post-game press scrum following the Giants’ 24-22 victory over the Green Bay Packers.

Daboll was peppered with questions about Tommy DeVito and other topics. Here are some of the takeaways.

Comparing DeVito to Tom Brady ...

Daboll had a clear message — don’t do that. When a reporter tried to frame a DeVito-Brady question, since Brady was a sixth-round pick, Daboll didn’t allow the questioner to finish.

“We’re four games in,” he said.

Why DeVito went undrafted, and why the Giants took a chance on him ...

“The first question is I don’t know. Sometimes that happens,” Daboll said.

“The second thing is, again, I’ve talked about this. It started at the pro day. I thought he threw the ball well, ball came out of his hands, he was accurate, had quick feet. Then as we progressed from OTAs, to mini camps, to training camps, he has a good way about him, I’d say, one, as a leader, which I think is important. He can connect with all of his teammates. Some of the relationships he has and the things he does during practice with a guy like (defensive lineman) A’Shawn (Robinson), or then he’s over there talking to the offensive linemen, or then he comes back… He’s a pretty personable guy that I think keeps his head down. He did what he was supposed to do. Again, he’s played in four games here. So, we’re a ways away. But I think the players respect how he handles himself as a person, too, and his personality.”

In praise of offensive coordinator Mike Kafka ...

There was a time earlier in the season when it appeared Daboll was taking increased control of the offense. Tuesday, he was effusive in his praise for the work of offensive coordinator Mike Kafka.

“I think he’s done a good job,” Daboll said. “Again, he’s had to move around a lot of pieces, he’s shown really good leadership. I think he’s been instrumental in helping Tommy [DeVito]. He’s a good communicator, he’s got good vision. I thought he called another good game yesterday and real happy we have him.”

Daboll thought Kafka was “locked in” while calling plays vs the Packers.

“I just thought he had good flow. He was on it quick, he knew exactly, he was decisive on what he wanted to do,” Daboll said. “I really loved the flea flicker play, when he called it, why he called it. Again, if Wan’Dale doesn’t make an unbelievably play, then everybody is like ‘ahh.’ I just thought he had really good instincts in the game yesterday. Did a good job of communicating with the coaches, got to the zone read game, made necessary adjustments. He was locked in pretty good.”

On Monday’s failed fourth-and-1 conversion try ...

With fourth-and-1 at their own 49-yard line in the second quarter, Daboll was booed when he sent the punt team on. He then called timeout, sent the offense back on the field and went for the first down.

He said it was Saquon Barkley, not the booing, that changed his mind.

“He said, ‘We’ll get it, put it in my hands.’ I said, ‘Ok, let’s go,’” Daboll said.

The Giants didn’t get it, with Green Bay stuffing a Barkley run for no gain. Does Barkley lose voting power because of the failed attempt?

“No, no. I like when guys do that,” Daboll said. “We actually had that called on a third and one and we had false started, we go back to third and six and get it back close enough to do it. The look wasn’t exactly the same as it was on the third and one that we got, but it wasn’t just Saquon. I would say it was the linemen, too. They were pretty comfortable with trying to run that play that we actually had called on the third and one and give credit to Green Bay, they made a good play.”

Wan’Dale Robinson’s big night ...

Robinson had six catches for 79 yards and two rushes for 36 in his best game since tearing his ACL last season.

“We talked last week a little bit about Wan’Dale and still coming back from a tougher injury for a perimeter receiver and a player that uses his quickness and speed as his strength,” Daboll said. “But he’s steadily gotten better, I’d say physically, which improves your confidence. In the last few weeks, you can really see explosive quickness, he ran some really good routes again, was open quite a bit. Had the big play in the run, played with toughness, I’d say played competitively. For a smaller guy, too, he was mixing it up pretty good.”

Deonte Banks’ rookie season ...

“Tae’s been consistent for a rookie in a tough position. He’s done a really nice job all year,” Daboll said. “Again, another competitive, young player who loves the game of football ... He had 12 tackles, I think, yesterday, which we knew was going to be an area for us that we had to do a good job of, particularly how Green Bay liked to really stretch the field horizontally in the running game. They made a few plays on us, but we made a few plays, none bigger than the two-point play, but he’s done a good job with really everything that we’ve asked him to do. He’s got a really good personality for that position.”