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2024 NFL Draft watch: Giants hold fifth overall pick before Monday Night Football

Week 14 has been good for the Giants’ draft stock

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The New York Giants currently hold the fifth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, at least pending the results of Monday Night Football.

The Giants came into the week holding the seventh overall pick after losses, but rose over the weekend thanks to wins by the New York Jets over the Houston Texans and the New Orleans Saints over the Carolina Panthers.


Of course, the Giants’ draft position could change dramatically with the results of Monday night’s games. Not only do the Giants host the Green Bay Packers, but the Tennessee Titans will travel to play the Miami Dolphins.

A loss by the Giants would give them the same 4-9 record as the Washington Commanders and (barring a very surprising win) Titans. Whether the Giants keep the same pick, climb to fourth, or drop to sixth would depend on the three teams’ strength of schedule. The NFL’s draft order is first determined by record, with strength of schedule as the first tiebreaker. In short, the team that performed the worst against the weakest schedule gets the highest draft pick in the first round.

If the Giants win, however, they could drop all the way down to ninth in the draft order. That could take the team out of range to get any of the top “blue chip” prospects at quarterback, offensive tackle, or wide receiver.

The Giants also benefitted from a loss by the Seattle Seahawks and a win by the Denver Broncos. The Giants hold the Seahawks’ second round pick thanks to the trade of Leonard Williams, and that pick first rose to 47th overall and now sits at 44th overall.