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NFL power rankings, Week 10: No quarterback edition

Where do the Giants rank without Daniel Jones?

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It’s finally happened. FOX Sports has become the first major national sports outlet to rank the New York Giants at No. 32 in its weekly power rankings, following Daniel Jones’ season-ending ACL tear on Sunday.

Things are looking dire for the Giants, and being ranked all the way at the bottom could be a sign of a future trend. With undrafted rookie quarterback Tommy Devito poised to be the team’s starter for the foreseeable future, the Giants might be underdogs in every game they play for the remainder of the season — even with an easy schedule coming up after this Sunday’s matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

How long will the Giants keep being ranked above the Arizona Cardinals once Kyler Murray returns? Will they still be above the New England Patriots if they can’t beat them in Week 12?

Let’s take a look at what analysts are saying about New York this week.

Aggregate ranking: 30

Last week: 30 (30)

With Daniel Jones’ ACL tear coming in a loss to a team led by an interim head coach and rookie QB, the Giants’ nightmare season has darkened even further than might have seemed possible ... But it’s tough to summon too much excitement, with injuries crushing any hope of offensive growth and the reality of a high draft pick incoming. Sunday felt like the first time you could fairly have a conversation about the future under center, with Jones’ long-term health clouding the picture and some tempting QB prospects possibly being within reach come April.

ESPN (29)

Non-QB MVP: DT Dexter Lawrence II

Lawrence is tied for seventh in the NFL with 14 quarterback hits. That’s not supposed to happen from the nose tackle position. He has been the Giants’ best and most consistent player by a wide margin, in part because almost all of their other top players have been injured at some point early this season. — Jordan Raanan

Bleacher Report (30)

For the foreseeable future, the Giants will likely roll with third-string quarterback Tommy DeVito, which is a way to wave the white flag for the remainder of the campaign. With quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Justin Fields set to return to action for the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears, respectively, and the Carolina Panthers likely to improve with rookie signal-caller Bryce Young going through his ups and downs, the Giants will probably drop to No. 32 in these power rankings at some point this season.

FOX Sports (32)

At least Arizona and Carolina knew ahead of time they were likely in for tough seasons. The Giants had playoff aspirations in September, and now Daniel Jones’ ACL twists the knife on what has been one of the worst years imaginable.

Yahoo Sports (31)

The Giants are griping. They don’t look like they have much fight. This all comes back to head coach Brian Daboll. The Giants might not win another game the rest of the season given their quarterback situation. But if they completely quit, it’ll mean a lot of skepticism about Daboll going into Year 3.

Pro Football Talk (29)

Tommy DeVito doesn’t deserve this.

USA Today (31)

You have to feel for injured QB Daniel Jones. You also have to feel like New York probably has buyer’s remorse after extending him in the offseason. Now they might be one of, say, a dozen teams having to reconsider its QB1 plans going into 2024.

Sportsnaut (30)

If New York Giants fans and Brian Daboll thought it was bad before, things are going to get so much worse. Daniel Jones (ACL tear) is lost for the season and the Giants inexplicably seem to believe Tommy DeVito is a better option than any free-agent quarterback who is looking for work. Perhaps that’s intentional because this season has also proven New York’s roster needs an overwhelming amount of work.

CBS Sports (30)

With Daniel Jones out now with a knee injury, it’s time to tank. Maybe they can get one of the top guys next year.