Winning is more important than tanking in the NFL

For this team to go 2-15 would be horrific for the future of team, and it tells you two things. One is that the coach lost the team and isn't any good. The second thing is that this team is light years away from winning. I never thought this team was a playoff team and I just wanted to come out of this season knowing that we have several good players from both sides of the ball. Daboll is a good coach, I feel good about that and I also do feel that this defense has about 5 or 6 pro bowl caliber players moving forward. Offensively they still need work, but they have at least 2 legitimate offensive lineman in Andrew Thomas and JMS. Jalin Hyatt is promising, but they still need a lot of work on the offensive side of the ball.

The new problem though, is the quarterback situation. I don't feel that Caleb Williams and Drake Maye are locks, and Who is to say that Pennix Jr. or Bo Nix isn't going to be better? What we do know is that the quarterback position has been problematic for just about every organization. Every team has gotten it wrong at some point throughout their history. I believe it is easier to play quarterback in the NFL today. if they can be protected, and have the right coach. What does Brock Purdy have that DeVito doesn't? DeVito is a better athlete, same size and has a better arm or at least comparable from what I've seen. Brock Purdy has get talent around him and a great coach.

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