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Poll: Giants Reacts Week 13 - How many games will the Giants win after their bye?

Can the Giants extend their winning streak after a week off?

New England Patriots v New York Giants Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The New York Giants have finally reached their bye in Week 13. The 2023 season has seemed interminable at times, with too few bright spots amid the storm of injuries and frustrations.

But now the dividing line between the first and second parts of the season is here. A year ago we were taking stock of the team after an unexpectedly hot start to the season and looking ahead to a potential playoff run. It's still mathematically possible for the Giants to reach the playoffs, but very unlikely after their 4-8 start to the year. So this year we're once again taking stock of the team, but now we're trying to figure out just who they are heading into 2024.

The Giants have five games remaining after this week's bye. They are, in order:

This week, SB Nation Reacts wants to know how many of those games Giants fans think their team will win. One or two? Three or four? None? All five?

How the Giants play coming out of their bye could shape their 2024 season. Their draft position, to coaching or roster changes, to just how daunting their schedule is in 2024 could (or will) depend on their final record.

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