Oh look another mock offseason

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However, nobody here cares about that, we are here for Giants football. So, let’s get into my usually nonsense fellow BBVers…

I wrote this before yesterday’s victory, but I think it still holds true. Mike Kafka stays, Wink Martindale is out (this seems even more likely given the report today of tension), and Robert Saleh is hired to be the next DC after being let go by the Jets. I don't think that Mara will clean house, but there will be some sort of shake up by Daboll. The common thought is likely that Kafka is an easy out and Dabs is going to take over control of offense with how bad it struggled, but I think there has been enough injuries and not enough help from Schoen along the line for Brian to give Kaf another shot to get back to it. I think Kafka staying is made even more likely by Wink and Thomas (Blackburn brought in to coach ST) getting the ax. However, with two 40 point losses to the hated rival Cowboys I think Wink is on thin ice. I also think if the Giants have a couple rough Eagles games, it could be the end for Don. Especially if they beat up on NE, GB and NO over this next month and go into that first game 6-8, and fans crazy enough to be talking playoffs! An absolute stinker by the D would be a hard pill to swallow at that point...

CAP: 47.5 million (per over the cap)


CB Aaron Robinson- Again, never healthy so I expect him to be cut and the Giants to take the savings.

CAP: 48.75 million

RB Saquon Barkley- 4 years/64 million (20 million guaranteed) [7, 20, 19, 18]
Again, idc that fans don't like it. I was hated on for Danny Dimes contract prediction and saying OBJ would be the first 20/year WR (he got 19...). I think Barkley should and does get paid this offseason. I'll take it one step further, with this contract, Saquon is massively UNDERpaid. I said what I said....

An offensive weapon, that is just a jacked up WR playing RB, doesn't get treated like your run of the mill back. Barkley deserves special money. Look no further than Schoen's predecessor to prove late round RB aren't always successful. Running comes down to scheme and blocking, unless you're a special talent who can make it happen regardless a la SaQuads. Pay the man, then get an actual line in front of him and quit Barry Sanders-ing his career. Both can be done, follow along and I will show you...

LB Isaiah Simmons- 3 years/12 million (3 million guaranteed) [1, 4, 7]
He makes a couple more big time plays on D and he'll never sign for this cheap, but one pick-6 doesn't = massive long term contract.

LB Carter Coughlin, LB Cam Brown, LS Casey Kreiter and PR/KR Gunner Olszewski- 1 year/1.25 million vet min deals.
Core Special Teamers who if cheap enough, and in the case of 38 year old Kreiter he wants to play another year, they should be back.

CAP: 35.75 million

UFA Signed:

TE Dalton Schultz (Houston)- 4 years/58 million (20 million guaranteed) [14, 14, 15, 15]
Houston won't let him leave now that he has become a fav of rookie sensation CJ Stroud (called it...). However, he gets to the market again and I wouldn't let him sign elsewhere. Although he wouldn't be in Houston right now had I had my way...

RG Saadiq Charles (Washington)- 1 year/2 million (all guaranteed)
Is a young player that cannot seem to stay healthy. Cheap 1 year prove it deal is likely on the horizon for Saadiq. Schoen fully guarantees the cheap deal to get the signature.

DT Solomon Thomas (NYJ)- 1 year/2 million dollar
I remember being way down on Thomas coming out, and he certainly lived down the #3 selection. However, he's carved a career following Saleh around as a backup, so he's done better than I expected. Won't play much, but depth along the line is needed and Solomon can help be a translator for Saleh.

Edge Clellin Ferrell (49ers)- 1 year/ 2 million
Young, athletic, edge/ST guy. Had no business going #4 to Oakland, but kick the tires and team him back up with Sexy Dexy, and see if you can get a productive splash play or two out of him.

CAP: 15.75 million

2024 NFL Draft:
Trade: Giants trade pick #6 and 2025 5th round pick to Minnesota for picks #20, #84, 2024 6th round pick, 2025 1st and 2025 4th round pick

#20. S Kamren Kinchens, Miami
A bit short as he is listed as 5'11" at the U, so anywhere between 5'9.75" and 5'11.25" in real life... However, Kamren is everything you want in a center fielding free safety, which is exactly what the Giants need with X likely leaving this offseason- whether Wink stays or goes. However, don't get it at all twisted, Kinchens will 100% pop you and can jar the bar loose on contact. An absolute pick magnet the past two years, Kinchen is likely gone a couple picks before 20, but I expect Minnesota to end up like 14-16 in the draft order when all said and done in real life, so evens out mock wise for me.

#37. OG/RT Graham Barton, Duke
Going to continue to speak this into existence... Either the teams RT with Evan Neal moving inside to guard, or my preferred destination for Graham would be LG, where I think he will be the next Quenton Nelson. Big, tough, intelligent and angry- just how I like my hog mollies. Thomas-Barton-JMS-Charles-Neal are 4 (young) people movers and a center. That’s not a shot at JMS, he has been far better than I said he was going to be but he ain’t no people mover. Just good at getting in the way. All you need from the center if you have the right guards by his side. Gone are the days of softer, but athletic guards. Sick of watching them get run around and they end up facing the QB. If your guards and center are chest to chest with your QB every snap you're gonna have a bad time...

Going forward, the interior line only knows how to do that, go forward. No more turning around and facing the QB...

#57. (Seattle). DT Kris Jenkins Jr., Michigan
Not done this way purposely, but the pick acquired from the Leo trade goes directly to his replacement. Well technically, the replacement to his replacement (A'Shawn). Like father like son with same name, the Jenkins' men are immovable forces amongst the interior. Not quite the threat that Leo was a pass rusher, but he is certainly a younger cheaper version of Robinson. Talent alone, Jenkins is a top 40 guy. Giants will likely have to use their actual second-round pick on him, if they want him, but I refuse to not have Barton in the draft. Just can’t do it captain…

66. CB Max Melton, Rutgers
This would be another player who would need to fall a bit compared to talent level, but much like last year there seems to be a plethora of talented DB's in this year’s class. Now, you can never have too many good DBs, but should he get caught up in the wash and slip to round 3, I end the fall.

#84. WR Johnny Wilson, Florida State
I think Johnny gets a raw deal from the experts and fans because nobody this big has ever done it, and usually the gimmick is guys this big and athletic don't like to play physical, so that's why they shoot hoop instead. That's not Wilson, he runs hard, is not afraid of contact and he has good hands and routes. Question the speed moving forward, but this isn't a gimmick he's so big, so I took him to convert to TE. Nope, he's here to be played wide-out. If there was going to be somebody his height to play WR, they need more than just that. He brings more to the table than just height.

4. QB KJ Jefferson, Arkansas
And finally the Giants take the QB everybody thinks they need to take atop of round 1. However, forcing a Daniels or Penix atop the first round is not the correct move. Neither of those players are first round QB prospects, imo. Maybe trade down to middle of the round while gathering extra picks for 2025, but straight up at 6, no thank you.

However, even with the success Tommy has had I don't think a mid-round QB is out of the realm of possibilities. If the right prospect comes along and you feel you have the next Dak Prescott available, you don't pass on him because the UDFA you signed this year has overachieved. Tommy will more than likely begin next season as the starter given his play this year, barring Jones being recovered and retaking his starting role (notice I didn't say given his role back). Giants may sign another vet QB, but the more DeVito plays the more I think they're looking for the backup to the backup this offseason and Barkley might just be back in NYC for the very least camp.

That being said, I am still really high on KJ. There's a chance he comes in as a rookie and unseats both DeVito and Jones for the starting job, a la Dak Prescott taking the Dallas starting job from the seasoned vet. Should the Giants have another disaster of a season next year, they’re loaded up with capital to make a run at the top spot and bringing Shedeur to the Big Apple.

5. OG/C Will Putnam, Clemson
Despite having the starting 5, more depth along the line wouldn't hurt. Putnam is not a great prospect, but he has been a 4 year starter at a big time program. He is available this late, and I’d kick the tires on him. Very least should be a quality backup center and big body on the ST lines.

6. P Tory Taylor, Iowa
I don't like Gillan like Joe does, so why not? Gillan has a great leg, it’s just that he has terrible control of it. Taylor has been the epitome of consistency for the Hawkeyes since freshman year. Should come in and take the punting duties from Jamie.

6. TE Erick All, Iowa
An all Hawkeye 6th round ends with the injured, but if he could ever stay upright he'd actually be first or second rounder. Erick has it ALL for TE, but a clean bill of health. Still this late he's a steal if he can stay healthy.

Post June 1st Cut:

TE Darren Waller- Despite trading a third last year for him, unable to get a trade or a reworked deal done Joe thanks Darren for his contributions to the team and wishes him the best of luck moving forward. CAP recoups 12 million in cap savings for Draft picks and in season wiggle room with this move.

P Jamie Gillan- Loses the spot to the rookie during camp, Giants save nearly 2 million in cap space.

53-Man Roster:

QB: Tommy DeVito, KJ Jefferson
*PUP- Daniel Jones
RB: Saquon Barkley, Eric Gray, Jashaun Corbin
WR: Darius Slayton, Wan'Dale Robinson, Jalin Hyatt, Isaiah Hodgins, Johnny Wilson, Gunner Olszewski
TE: Dalton Schultz, Daniel Bellinger, Lawrence Cager
PUP: Erick All
OT: Andrew Thomas, Evan Neal, Josh Euzudu
OG: Graham Barton, Saadiq Charles, Mark Glowinski, Markus McKethan
OC: John Michael-Schmitz, Will Putnam

NT: Dexter Lawrence, D.J. Davidson
DE: Kris Jenkins Jr., Rakeem Nunez-Roches, Jordan Riley, Solomon Thomas
OLB: Kayvon Thibodeaux, Azeez Ojulari, Boogie Basham Jr., Clellin Ferrell
ILB: Bobby Okereke, Micah McFadden, Isaiah Simmons, Carter Coughlin, Cam Brown
CB: Deonte Banks, Cor'Dale Flott, Tre Hawkins, Max Melton, Nick McCloud
S: Jason Pinnock, Kamren Kinchens, Dane Belton, Gervarrius Owens

K: Graham Gano
P: Tory Taylor
LS: Casey Kreiter

*Two spots open, 1 for Danny D when he comes off the PUP (either a 3rd QB or another skill guy will start the year on the 53 in his place obviously, but didn’t bother to guess), and left one spot open for that cheap vet/UDFA who impresses in camp, probably in the secondary.

Enjoy the bye week Big Blue, stay off the ATV’s this year please…

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