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Poll Results: Fans overwhelmingly want Tommy DeVito to start

So anyway, he started passin’

New York Giants v Washington Commanders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The New York Giants have a decision looming in the near future: Should they continue to ride with undrafted rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito, or should veteran Tyrod Taylor return to the starting lineup when he’s healthy?

A week ago, it seemed as though Taylor was the obvious answer. After all, he’s an experienced and capable quarterback who’s spent a quite a bit of time with Brian Daboll. Then DeVito threw for three touchdowns against the Washington Commanders and the Giants had their best game of the season.

The question got a lot thornier for the Giants, and so SB Nation Reacts wanted to see who Giants fans would rather see start for the remainder of the season.

The results? Giants fans want to see a lot more of Tommy DeVito, and it isn’t even close. A full 82 percent of fans who responded to the poll want DeVito to remain the starter.

The reasoning behind wanting to see DeVito start is likely different for different fans. Some likely believe that he’s the Giants’ best option right now — after all, he’s thrown three times more touchdowns than Daniel Jones or Tyrod Taylor. Others likely want to see if DeVito can develop enough to be a long-term option as a reserve quarterback for the future.

Others may want him to start because the rookie rollercoaster could help the Giants’ draft position.

So far, DeVito has struggled against Dallas and had a fantastic game against the Commanders. The Giants will face better defenses in New England, Green Bay, New Orleans, and Philadelphia than they saw in Washington. Those games and a larger sample size should give us a pretty good idea of DeVito’s development and what he might bring in the future.

Speaking of the future, the Giants’ beatdown of the Commanders seems to have buoyed fans’ spirits somewhat. Fan confidence is on the rise again, with 61 percent of fans believing that the Giants are headed in the right direction. That’s a 13-point rise, up from 48 percent a week ago.