Bring Dave DeGuglielmo Back!!!!

First off, everyone here knows that Googs probably saved Thomas’ career, with some thanks to Judge for bringing him on.

Now with Googs, not being retained, it was reported the two sides could not come to an agreement which honestly sounds more like a money problem than anything.

What many do not realize about Googs career is not only does he have a proven track record of turning OL units and players around. He was actually the genius behind Flats and the Giants 2007 SB team, and when Googs left a year later, the OL quickly fell apart as talent was no longer being developed. Flats got way too much credit. Googs was the mastermind that Coughlin brought in from his Boston days.

Next up, when Googs was with the Dolphins in 2011 as OL coach. Brian Daboll was Offensice Coordinator for the Dolphins. When Googs was the Patriots OL coach, Daboll was the Patriots TE coach. These guys have a history together, and if Daboll is smart, he’ll do everything he can to bring in Googs and replace Johnson.

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