#1 Priority Fixing the Offensive Line

"There are no perfect scenarios in football. I will say universally outside of the quarterback position, the offensive line is the most premium position and you have to get it right. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you got to give your guy a chance and it doesn’t matter who that quarterback is." - Carl Banks NY POST 11/23/23

It is time to stop blaming others. Jerry Reese, Dave Gettleman, McAdoo, Shurmur, Columbo, Garrett, or Judge. Schoen and Daboll may have had that luxury, but as their 2nd season ends that excuse is gone.

Scouting and coaching of the Offensive Line must improve. Last night’s 49ers-Seahawks game reminded me how poor our Offensive Line Scouting and Coaching has been.

Seattle Right Tackle Abraham Lucas was drafted in the 3rd Round #72 overall in the 2022 draft. He has only played 16 grades but had a rookie PFF grade of 68.5. Instead we picked Josh Ezeudu at 3-67. Ezeudu couldn’t beat out Bredeson or Glowinski.

49ers Tackle Colton McKivitz was a 5th round pick in the 2020 draft. He has battled for playing time and it hasn’t been easy. In 19 games McKivitz’s PFF grades have hovered in the mid-50s. He’s a tough and capable backup. Who are the Giants’ tough and reliable backups? I’ll wait.

If we’re going QB with our #1 then we must spend a good chunk of our $$$ on Solid Offensive Linemen. We can’t draft Williams or Maye and stick them behind Pugh, Bredeson, Ezeudu, McKethan, or Peart. We can’t continue to sacrifice a QB’s health to give a Subpar OLineman "experience".

With proper scouting and coaching, a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Round Offensive Lineman should be able to step and immediately contribute. IF we are scouting and coaching effectively.

Here are some possible 2nd to 3rd round OLine options I’d love to see our GMen select: Zack Zinter, Michigan; Beaux Limmer, Arkansas; Graham Barton, Duke; Brandon Coleman, TCU; Christian Jones, Texas

Possible Free Agent Signings: Max Scharping G, Bengals; Jon Runyan G, Packers; Ben Bredeson C/G, Giants; George Fant T, Texans

Offensive Line coaching will be key. Bring in Coach Mike Devlin from the Ravens.

C’mon Big Blue!

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