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NFL Week 12 picks: Can the Giants win two in a row?

The 3-8 New York Giants look for their second consecutive victory on Sunday when they face the 2-8 New England Patriots. Will the Giants get that victory? Here are the Week 12 picks from your Big Blue View staff members.

Rivka Boord

The Giants’ victory over the Commanders might theoretically make me reconsider my decision never to pick them again this season. However, I’m more inclined to think it was just the Commanders, whom the Giants seem to own. As bad as New England is, Bill Belichick still rarely loses to rookie quarterbacks. I’m not confident in this pick, but I’ll go with the Patriots.

Pick: Patriots
Season: 90-57 (.612)

Nick Falato

Both of these teams have significantly underwhelmed this season. I can easily see - if the Giants lose on Sunday - me reflecting on Belichick’s record against rookie QBs, especially with a week to prepare for a UDFA, and coming to the conclusion that I’m an idiot. Still, I’m rolling with Tommy Donuts.

Pick: Giants
Season: 98-65 (.601)

Chris Pflum

This is one of those games where I have no clue what will happen, but I’m picking the Giants. I’m trying to avoid falling victim to recency bias and I don’t want to give too much weight to the Giants’ win over the Commanders. But I do think the play of the defense will carry over against a pretty terrible Patriots’ offense. They’re getting healthier coming out of their bye, but Mac Jones has struggled in the face of pressure this year, either holding the ball, being inaccurate, or making mental mistakes. I wouldn’t count on six interceptions leading to 26 points again, but I could see Wink’s unit giving the Giants’ offense a chance to win in the fourth quarter. The flip side of that is that the Patriots’ defense is sophisticated and remains pretty good. They blitz quite a bit and have good players sprinkled around all three levels of their defense. I could see this game being one in which Darth Hoodie informs the NFL that reports of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. But for now, I’ll predict the Giants do enough to win and actually get a winning streak going.

Pick: Giants
Season: 60-43 (.583)

Jeremy Portnoy

Even at the lowest point of the Giants’ season, I would have picked them to beat the New England Patriots. Now that they’ve proved they can be at least somewhat competent with Tommy Devito at quarterback, I’ll make the pick with confidence.

Pick: Giants
Season: 88-63 (.583)

Valentine’s View

Before Sunday’s victory over the Commanders, I thought I might not pick the Giants to win another game this season. The Patriots are mess, though, and I can’t help myself. Maybe I’m drinking the ‘DeVito-Aid’, but I will take the Giants to beat a second straight bad team.

Pick: Giants
Season: 107-57 (.652)