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NFL power rankings, Week 12: Tommy Devito rises, but Giants really don’t

The Giants are back in the win column

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Sure, it’s probably an overreaction to declare that the New York Giants’ offense has suddenly been saved because rookie quarterback Tommy Devito threw three touchdown passes on Sunday. But with the way this season has been going, it’s nice to have something to celebrate in the weekly power rankings.

Last week, national writers bashed Devito as the Giants earned an average ranking of No. 31. This week, the Giants have moved up a couple of spots after beating the Washington Commanders 31-19 in Week 11. It was the Giants’ largest margin of victory this season.

An upcoming game against the struggling New England Patriots could provide an opportunity for New York to move up even further. In the meantime, Sunday’s victory seems to have prevented most reporters from mentioning the 2024 draft — at least for another week.

Aggregate ranking: 29

Last week: 31 (29)

Sunday’s victory had to feel pretty good to Brian Daboll. The season has been an utter disaster, befallen by a rash of injuries, with the prior two losses featuring some sideline incidents and bickering among the players. That’s never a good look, and it was nowhere to be found Sunday as the Giants’ defense turned in arguably its best performance of the season, holding the Commanders to 19 points and forcing five turnovers, with a sixth one coming on special teams. Most importantly, the Giants’ best defenders came to play after their unit had no answers the prior two games.

USA Today (30)

They’re 2-0 against Washington, and 1-8 versus the rest of the league. All four of Big Blue’s first-half TDs this season have also come against the Commanders, who also brought out HC Brian Daboll’s lighter side when it came time to assess rookie QB Tommy DeVito.

Bleacher Report (30)

“There’s a gleam, G-Men,” Sobleski said. “There’s a gleam. It comes in the form of a 6’2”, 210-pound undrafted rookie named Tommy DeVito. It’s funny how the Giants offense looks somewhat passable when anyone other than Daniel Jones is behind center. Bare minimum, the 25-year-old provides a developmental option, with the potential to start if/when Jones isn’t ready.”

FOX Sports (30)

Where were you when the legend of Tommy DeVito took on a new life? No matter what happens from here, it’s incredible that the guy was sacked nine times and still managed to finish with the third-best passer rating of the week. And no matter what else happens, Giants fans can always say this sorry team swept the Commanders.

ESPN (29)

Preseason hot seat: RB Saquon Barkley

Current temperature of hot seat: Hot

This is and will remain a tricky one. Barkley has played well when he has been on the field but does have another injury on the résumé after a high ankle sprain cost him three games earlier this season. Just last week, Barkley declared ”loyalty means nothing” when it comes to the business side of football. So, yes, he’s a free agent again at the end of the season, and the Giants have another franchise tag available if they so desire. It leaves Barkley in a tricky spot during the final six games with that ankle still healing and no playoffs in sight. — Jordan Raanan

Pro Football Talk (27)

So much for having a shot at a franchise quarterback in the draft.

CBS Sports (30)

Give this group credit for winning a game with third-team quarterback Tommy Devito. He played well in beating Washington.

Yahoo Sports (30)

Tommy DeVito stuck it to a lot of doubters who said he shouldn’t start again (raises hand). He threw for three touchdowns and looked good against the Commanders in a win. No matter what happens the rest of his career, DeVito will always have that day.

Sportsnaut (28)

If there are no moral victories in the NFL, Sunday at least felt like a meaningless win. Securing a victory only pushes the New York Giants further away from Drake Maye or Caleb Williams and this team desperately needs a franchise quarterback. The best thing for the Giants’ future is losing out the rest of the way, but that might be difficult considering the Patriots are on deck.