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Poll: Giants Reacts Week 12 - Should Tyrod Taylor or Tommy DeVito start?

Who should finish the season at quarterback for the Giants?

NFL: New York Giants at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants laid an unexpected beat-down on the Washington Commanders Sunday, winning to the tune of 31-19.

It was Tommy DeVito’s second start with both Tyrod Taylor and Daniel Jones on the injured reserve. But while Jones’ season is over, Taylor will be eligible to come off the injured reserve after the Giants’ upcoming bye week. This presents the Giants with a wholly unexpected conundrum: Who should start when Taylor is healthy?

A week ago, the answer would have been “Taylor, obviously.” But things have changed in the last week, and the question is surprisingly complicated.

To start, Taylor is a free agent after this year, while DeVito could be with the Giants for another two years.

In the preseason I said this:

“Tommy DeVito is fun ... He showed good mobility and the ability to throw off-platform in college, and that showed up again in this game.

DeVito was pretty accurate for an undrafted rookie in his first NFL action, finishing 15 for 24, with 155 yards, a touchdown, an interception while being sacked five times.

He was largely efficient, showed good decision making, and threw good, catchable passes. DeVito also did some damage with his legs against the Lions. He showed both the ability to operate the play-action bootleg plays that formed the basis for the Giants’ offense a year ago, as well as picking up yardage on his own.

DeVito is (very) unlikely to upset Tyrod Taylor for QB2 this year. However, he’s suggested that he has the upside to succeed Taylor next year with some development this year. And at the very least, he’s made a solid case for himself to take Davis Webb’s spot as the emergency QB3 on the practice squad in 2023.”

And so far he’s shown much of the same in a limited sample size as the Giants emergency starting quarterback. He’s relatively accurate, generally makes good decisions, throws a catchable ball, and can make defenses pay with his legs.

And while he does take a lot of sacks (22 so far, with an astronomical sack rate of 21.6 percent) he also has more passing touchdowns (6) than Jones and Taylor combined (4).

So it should be DeVito, right? Not so fast.

Taylor is still a good option at quarterback, and was one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the NFL when he was injured. He was the 12th-best quarterback in the NFL in terms of EPA and completion percentage above expected (CPOE).


One-hundred plays (Tyrod had 110 coming into the Jets game), is a tiny sample size, but it’s also in line with the 123 that DeVito currently has.

(DeVito is currently 38 of 39 in EPA+CPOE)

Both players had excellent games, and victories, against the Washington Commanders. And While Tyrod only scored 14 points, the Giants had their highest yards per completion (15.5) since Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. were at their height in 2015. On the other hand, DeVito took advantage of the opportunities afforded him by the defense and put the offense in position to score 24 points despite being sacked nine times.

The Giants are obviously still fighting and trying to win every game in which they play. They also still have games against the Packers, Saints, and Eagles’ defenses to finish out the season. All four teams (five games) have good, dangerous defenses that can get after — and disrupt — the quarterback.

So Giants fans, which quarterback do you think should start once Tyrod Taylor is healthy and comes off injured reserve?

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