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Daniel Jones’ knee surgery set for Wednesday

Jones tells Kay Adams he is ready to go under the knife

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ian Maule/Getty Images

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones will have surgery on his torn ACL on Wednesday, Jones told Kay Adams Tuesday on the ‘Up&Adams’ Show.

Jones has been rehabbing the knee and waiting for the swelling to go down. He told Adams he will have the surgery in New York.

Jones said the recovery timeline is 8-10 months. The early part of that timeline would have Jones on the field for training camp at the beginning of August. The longer end of that would have him missing the beginning of the 2024 season. Take the mid-point of that and the estimate would likely be hope that Jones would be ready for the opening of next season.

“We’ll attack that, work on that, approach that day-by-day and try to get back as fast as I can,” Jones said.

Jones told Adams that current Giants’ quarterback Tommy DeVito is “Jersey to the core.”

Jones also addressed discussion of his future with the Giants.

“I’m more focused day-to-day on what I’m doing here, trying to get healthy,” Jones said. “It has been getting ready for this surgery and then it will be recovering from this surgery going forward.

“How that all works out is down the road a ways and I don’t have a ton of control over it. Just focus on what I can do to get back.”

Jones took the high road, as you might expect, when Adams offered him an opening to defend himself or criticize the situation around him: