Another weird take - (who is surprised?)

I'm looking at the Eagles roster next year. They have Josh Sweat, Haason Reddick, Jordan Davis & Jalen Carter, Byard, Blankenship & both CBs, Slay & Bradberry, under contract, among others.

I bring them up b/c their key/core Defensive players are all very likely coming back. But if they win the SB, I can easily see guys like Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham retiring with their ring. The biggest drop-off if they all walk? Their O-line.

Good possibility that one of their current starting Guards, Dickerson & Jurgens, would move to Center. That would make both of those two positions weaker (though maybe not so drastically at Center, granted). And RT will absolutely be much worse off w/out Johnson. So, 3 of the 5 positions will be worse next year than they are this year. My point?

If they're drafting in the 32nd slot, they may not love their chances at grabbing an elite O-lineman in Rd 1. But we'll be drafting way higher--prolly Top 5-6, almost certainly Top 8-10. A stud O-lineman can be had there. My suggestion? Offer them our 1st Rd pick for Jalen Carter & their 1st Rd pick (in this scenario, #32 overall). Let them have a crack at the elite prospect at RT.

I know, it sounds crazy to drop from pick #8-ish to pick #32. But Jalen Carter next to Dexy would be insane! We really wouldn't need another stud off the edge if Jalen & Dex are coming up the middle so consistently. Teams would be hard-pressed to run or pass against a front line of Kayvon + those two, no matter who the other DE/Edge rusher is. That guy can just keep contain vs run and pass, and let the plays come to him. And we do have two 2nd Rd picks with which to look for someone to fill that role slightly better than the Ward's, Basham's, Ximines' etc. that we've been relying on here lately.

The question is, is that worth giving up our first pick? I think so--if it's not in the Top 3. Yes, an Alt or a Fashanu might lock down our RT position, and how long have we waited for that? But if we can sign a Guard in Free Agency (Robert Hunt, anyone?), I'd be willing to rely on a RT at #32 overall to be enough of an upgrade over Neal, to make our O-line middle-of-the-pack. I'd take an ~18th/20th-best O-line but with maybe a Top-3 D-line over say, a 12th-best O-line (with, presumably, an even better RT), but still worrying about the IDL-man next to Dexter not being a pass-rusher.

Carter would be on his rookie deal for 4 more years. Those two will wreak havoc! A'Shawn, Nacho, etc will keep them fresh/rested. I think we'd have as good a front 3 (or 4) as there is. That makes the back 7's jobs much easier--LBs stay clean, DBs don't have to cover for as long. That'll keep us in a lot more games, no matter who the QB is.

So, here's my off-season wish list:

1) re-sign Saquon, 2) sign Robert Hunt, 3) trade for Jalen Carter, 4) draft a RT, 5) consistently make playoffs! :)


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