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Post-game quotebook: What Giants were saying after beating Washington

Giants’ players discuss victory over Commanders

New York Giants v Washington Commanders
Kayvon Thibodeaux
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

What were the New York Giants saying after Sunday’s 31-19 victory over the Washington Commanders? Let’s find out.

Quarterback Tommy DeVito on his first victory as an NFL starter ...

“It means a lot. It means a lot to a sports team, right? Not the season we wanted as far as it is to come back in, week after week and just continuing just to work and study and practice hard. After the last couple weeks of not getting the result we wanted, just to have that feeling in this game which is not getting the result we wanted in the end, you know it means a lot. We’re going to enjoy it. We’re gonna celebrate it but we know what it takes. We have what it takes so Monday we’re gonna be back to the drawing board and then on to next week.”

DeVito on not getting rattled despite taking so many sacks ...

“I hate to put it back to my college days, but I got beat up a little bit when I was in college. So I’ve kinda been in some similar situations like that before but I mean that’s part of the quarterback position. You have to stand in there and you’ll take those hits and deliver the ball to your teammates and do that element of it. I mean, I continue to trust in those guys. I’m sure some of them were on me [and] we’re not on the o-line or some of that maybe the defense was doing might have been a coverage sack like there’s a lot of other things that play into it than just the o-line so I definitely take some credit for that. But I’m going to continue to trust them, and I’m trusting everybody else.”

Saquon Barkley on getting two receiving touchdowns ...

“It felt great. Especially the first one, which is a play that I’ve been asking for a long time. So, when it got called, in my mind I was like, ‘I can’t mess this one up’. It feels good to get into the end zone twice and feels good to get a win.”

Barkley on DeVito ...

“I’m happy for him. He comes in with the right mentality. He’s a confident dude from [New] Jersey, so I’m excited and happy for that. He got his first win as a starter ... I definitely think he’s proving people wrong. We know what he is capable of doing. It’s the NFL, the National Football League. You don’t get here by accident.”

Linebacker Bobby Okereke on the final Washington drive ...

“On the sideline we were just preaching execution and everybody just keeping it simple and doing your job. To finish that second half, there were a couple of long drives. I know we had an 11-play drive or 13-play, 15-play drive. So, when we came out for that last drive, we all knew that we were tired, but it was pretty much just execution. Everybody doing their job, we knew we’d come away with the win.”

Kayvon Thibodeaux on reaching 10 sacks ...

“It’s such a blessing. You work your whole life to be in the NFL. You work every day to get sacks, that’s why they drafted me. So being able to deliver for this team and get a win gives me no better feeling.”