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Cor’Dale Flott, Curtis Samuel ejected after fight

New York, Washington each have a player ejected following a sideline brawl

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The New York Giants and Washington Commanders each had a player ejected following a sideline fight at the end of the first half. Giants cornerback Cor’Dale Flott and Washington wide receiver Curtis Samuel were charged with personal fouls and ejected from the game.

The fight stemmed from a tough touchdown run by Commanders’ quarterback Sam Howell that saw him take multiple hard hits.

Washington players took exception to the hits laid on Howell, and a brawl soon ensued. What started as shoving matches escalated and punches were exchanged. The chaos makes it difficult to see who threw the first punch, but Flott certainly threw (at least) one.

Howell stayed on the ground during the melee and was examined for a concussion once something approaching order was restored, though he did return to the field before the end of the first half.

The ejection of Flott brought Darnay Holmes onto the field as the slot corner. Flott had previously forced Washington’s second turnover, punching the ball out of Logan Thomas’ hands. We’ll see how that impacts the Giants’ defense in the second half.