Giants Athletic Training and Strength & Conditioning Review

It is my belief that the Giants overall poor performance of the last 12 seasons (2016 11-5) is not due to our team’s Athletic Trainer or our Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Our Athletic Trainer, Ronnie Barnes, has been our Head Athletic Trainer for the past 43 years. He was the trainer for all of our great Giants.,.LT, Simms, Strahan, Tiki, Eli, OBJ, and now Saquon and Dexter. Barnes knows what he is doing.

Our Strength & Conditioning Coach, Craig Fitzgerald is in his 1st year, but it is not his fault that we have the NFL’s Worst Point Differential, BY FAR, at -148 points. Fitzgerald has 22 years of Strength Training experience including 2 years at Penn State and 4 years with the Houston Texans.

We also replaced the field at Met Life so that is out.

There are a number of reasons why we have sucked the last 12 years (McAdoo, Shurmur, and Judge), but I believe the majority of the blame belongs to previous General Managers Jerry Reese’s and Dave Gettleman’s inability to select "Genuine NFL Players" Obviously LT was a Unicorn, but we’ve won 4 Super Bowls due to, in no small part, to fighters like Mark Bavaro, Pepper Johnson, Chris Snee, and Justin Tuck to name just a few.

Until we start drafting rookies and free agents who are tough, tough players then 4th place in the NFC East is all we’ll ever achieve!

Tons of scouting, watching film until your eyes bleed, and actually interviewing players. No Choir Boys (Sorry Mara). Players that you truly trust next you!

C’mon Schoen and Daboll!

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