Coaching Changes and Possible Replacements

Defensive Coordinator: Wink needs to go. Too many blowouts. Yes the offense is hardly on the field, but the defensive scheme has been one-dimensional.,.blitz and leave our secondary vulnerable.

DC Replacement? Matt Patricia, Assistant Philadelphia Eagles. Patricia is not a HC, but he has an excellent record as a DC when he was with the Patriots. Plus his Detroit Lions’ defenses put up good statistics when he was the HC.

Offensive Line Coach: Mike Devlin, Assistant OLine Coach Baltimore Ravens. Devlin was the Offensive Line Coach for the NY Jets from 2013-2014 and then the Houston Texans from 2015-2020. An Iowa football graduate Devlin played 101 games in the NFL.

Special Teams Coach: Phil Galiano, Assistant ST Coach New Orleans Saints. 5 years with the Saints. Before the Saints Galiano was the ST Coordinator for Penn State football. 24 years coaching experience.

Changes need to be made and these would be good changes.

On offense, hopefully Kafka could get the HC job at Northwestern as he is a former QB for the school.

Daboll takes over offensive play calling. Hire Ken Dorsey as the Passing Game Coordinator. Keep Shea Tierney as QB Coach. Injuries weren’t his fault.

In draft….maybe Caleb Williams or Drake Maye… OR sign Gardner Minshew as an inexpensive free agent and DRAFT TRUE #1 WR Game Changer Marvin Harrison Jr.!

Don’t forget that the Dallas Cowboys made the following first round picks in 3 straight years: Michael Irvin #11 in ‘88, Troy Aikman #1 in ‘89, and Emmitt Smith #17 in ‘90.

Of course the Cowboys had excellent coaching, made smart personnel decisions, were physically strong and stayed healthy.

My next post will address Strength & Conditioning.

Go Giants!

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