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Poll results: Half of Giants fans believe the Bears will have the first pick in 2024

Do the Giants really have a shot at the first pick in the draft?

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The New York Giants may not be mathematically out of the hunt for the playoffs, but they have no realistic chance of playing beyond their January 7th game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Giants’ chances of making the playoffs were slim before Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor were hurt, and they evaporated once the top two quarterbacks went on the injured reserve. So once again, Giants fans are turning their attention to the upcoming draft before the regular season is over.

The Giants have been so poor this year — and their schedule daunting enough — that the first overall pick is a realistic possibility. As things stand now, the Giants hold the second overall pick thanks to their 2-8 record and 0.519 strength of schedule. The 2024 NFL Draft is also predicted to be a very strong quarterback class, and there’s been significant speculation that the Giants could take advantage of the opportunity afforded by a high pick.

The Giants have been the worst team in the NFL, averaging 11.8 points per game, and only 9.7 points per game outside of their 31-point outburst against the Arizona Cardinals. However, the Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, and New England Patriots also have realistic shots of finishing with the worst record in football.

That’s lead SB Nation Reacts to ask Giants fans who they think will have the top pick in the upcoming draft. Do Giants fans think it would be the Bears (who also own Carolina’s pick), the Cardinals, the Patriots or the Giants?

Ultimately, 50 percent of Giants fans answered “Bears”, almost certainly due to them having twice as many chances as the other teams.

However, a significant number of Giants fans believe their team stands a good chance of finishing with the top pick. A full 41 percent think that New York will finish with the first pick in the draft.

Interestingly fan confidence has ticked up ever so slightly despite the Giants’ second blow-out loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Last week, 47 percent of fans believed that the Giants are heading in the right direction, while this week it’s 48 percent. That still isn’t a resounding endorsement, but it does suggest that nearly half of fans believe this nightmare of a season is in the team’s long-term interest.

There’s an argument to be made that gaining draft capital and giving the franchise a “do over” (of sorts) of the 2018 off-season is needed. The Giants have more talent than their record would suggest, but they still have work to do in building their roster. The Giants have also resisted launching a full rebuild of the franchise for over a decade now, and this year could force their hand. Of course, losing is never easy and as the quote goes, “You play to win the game.” Right now we can only hope that the losing is ultimately worth it and leads to better days ahead.