Midseason Mock Draft

What's up BBV. So, how about that season huh? Yeah, I'm depressed about it too, but hey, on pace for the 2nd overall pick, and that means we're guaranteed one of Maye or Caleb in the draft to be our QB of the future. Not to mention, 5 picks in the top 100? We can do something with that. So let's begin the consolation prize, of such a bad season, mock drafts. I'll be pretty boiler plate, no trades, just use the picks I have. In other iterations I'll throw some in for spice.

1) Drake Maye, QB, USC- For as long as we're picking top 2, I'll go ahead and say it now, my pick will always be either Maye or Caleb. I think Maye fits the mold of what Schoen and Dabs want in a QB physically. Bigger, more solid, kinda like Josh Allen in a sense. Maye's arm talent is extremely appetizing to boot. Watching him play this year, I would be over the moon to see him in Giants blue. Franchise QB on lock.

2) Cooper BeBe, OG, Kansas State- The top guard in the class, I had a few options to go with here, most notably a very juicy trade offer from the Lions to move back in the 2nd to pick up another 3rd in this very class. Ultimately, I stood put and added a guard who can lock up a spot on the OL long term and is projected to be very good immediately, all the while protecting the investment I made in round 1.

2) Brandon Dorlus, EDGE, Oregon- Let's switch over to the defense real quick, and add more talent to the front seven, specifically at EDGE, where it's Thibs, Ojulari every now and then, and then nada. Dorlus may not have Thibs' upside, but he has a great floor, and putting him opposite his fellow Duck, the duo can cause some damage, and also allow our fronts to be fairly diverse, with the ability to switch between 3-4 and 4-3 given their size and athleticism.

3) Raheim Sanders, RB, Arkansas- I have no clue what's gonna happen with Barkley. Personally, idk if he sticks around long term. Even if he does, between him typically missing games, wearing out, and the combo of age and usage staying in the back of my mind, getting a quality player behind him is a must. My respect for the position has grown some, not enough to give them big time deals, thems just the breaks in regards to RBs, but enough that a 3rd round pick for a quality one is worth it to me. Sanders is 6'2" 240 and runs a 4.44. He also has some decent receiving chops and is a violent runner. Whether we have Barkley or not, Maye will have some nice pieces to work with as a rookie.

4) Kris Jenkins, DT, Michigan- Going back to the defense to keeping working on the front seven, I add a DT to put next to Dex. Jenkins is the son of the former player with the same name, whereas daddy was a NT, sonny boy here is more 3 tech. Through testing I expect him to rise up some boards, but getting him here is a real nice value, and long term, this is the type of move that really brings us into a place where we can more physically compete within the division.

5) Bryson Nesbitt, TE, UNC- So I had a really interesting choice here. Luke Lachey out of Iowa was available as well, and he has a lot going for him. Size, bloodlines, production on the field, and coming out of TE U. But Nesbitt also has size, is more explosive, and is coming on as of late as a go to target for our very own Drake Maye. So I figured it would make sense to pair Maye with one of his go to targets from college, another player I think will rise up boards mind you, and allow the built in rapport to help both settle into the league through the passing game.

So here is my first crack at a mock draft. As you saw, with 6 picks, I was able to get our new franchise QB, add pieces to help support him, and bolstered the defensive front seven. Mind you, I had really enticing offers to move back from on all of my day 2 picks that would have netted me extra picks this year between rounds 3 and 4 to keep adding players. Showing that we don't need to trade out of the 2nd overall pick (hope you're reading this Goldbricker lol) to bring in assets to get this team going. Combined with FA where we can also bring in some players, and by taking care of business and making sure we get the right guys, we can turn things around VERY fast.

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