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NFL power rankings, Week 11: New York Giants have almost reached the bottom

National pundits are already focused on the draft

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It makes sense that the New York Giants’ 49-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys would move them down the league power rankings. However, the Giants couldn’t fall much lower than where they were already ranked.

New York dropped a spot to No. 31 in our weekly aggregate power rankings, which average out their placement from several major outlets.

Most analysts are already looking ahead to the NFL Draft. Each loss increases the likelihood that the Giants will secure a top two pick and potentially draft an elite quarterback prospect. Bleacher Report has already declared that the Giants won’t play another “meaningful” game this year.

In the meantime, all that’s left is to see if the Giants will actually fall to dead-last in the power rankings. The Carolina Panthers are the only team consistently ranked below them, but the Panthers have an easy upcoming schedule after a game with the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday. Perhaps Carolina will pick up a win or two.

Aggregate ranking: 31

Last week: 30

ESPN (30)

Biggest remaining game: Week 12 vs. New England

It’s all about getting in the top two of the NFL draft for the chance to pick one of the top quarterbacks, Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. Right? At least that’s all that we hear and likely all that is left in the season. These are two teams in the running for a top pick. The outcome of the contest could go a long way to determining the future of both storied but struggling organizations. — Jordan Raanan (31)

This is going to be Brian Daboll’s toughest challenge as the Giants coach so far, harder even than turning them into a contender and winning a playoff game last season. Washington and New England are two favorable opponents right now, all things considered, and the bye could help release more tension. But at the moment, after Xavier McKinney openly questioned the defensive coaches, it feels like stronger storms could hit at any time.

CBS Sports (31)

Will they win another game? Should they? They could land one of the top-2 quarterbacks if they don’t. That would be smart.

Yahoo Sports (32)

Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito had 44 yards passing before New York had a meaningless final drive in a blowout loss. Meanwhile, the Giants allowed more than 600 yards to Dallas. It was not pro football. The Giants have plenty of injury issues but other teams do too and they don’t look this terrible.

USA Today (32)

The league’s worst offense. HC Brian Daboll getting awfully salty in the bench area. Rookie QB Tommy DeVito looking like he belongs in the USFL. Otherwise, little to worry about.

FOX Sports (32)

We knew what was going to happen to the Giants in Texas, but that didn’t make it any easier to watch. The Giants are in the tough spot of being a bad team with no one to evaluate. Daniel Jones isn’t coming back this year, Tommy DeVito isn’t the answer. All that’s left is to wait and see how good their draft pick will be.

Pro Football Talk (30)

Tommy DeVito might have to go back to shining shoes.

Bleacher Report (31)

In terms of the win-loss standings, the Giants won’t play another meaningful game this season. They’re clearly the worst team in the league with undrafted rookie Tommy DeVito at quarterback and their top pass-catcher, tight end Darren Waller (hamstring), on injured reserve. When healthy, Saquon Barkley is a high-level dynamic running back, but he cannot save this Giants team from a plunge to the bottom of the power rankings.

Sportsnaut (31)

Tommy DeVito isn’t an NFL quarterback, there’s more than enough evidence to prove that. It’s fine if the New York Giants want to keep playing him at this point, considering their injuries at quarterback, but starting DeVito and never pursuing Carson Wentz in free agency is an even bigger example of tanking than anything the Arizona Cardinals have done this year.