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Dexter Lawrence sets the record straight

Lawrence explains why he didn’t speak to media after Sunday’s game

Syndication: The Record Kevin R. Wexler / USA TODAY NETWORK

Some eyebrows were raised Sunday evening when Dexter Lawrence, the New York Giants best defensive player, did not speak to media following the team’s 49-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Lawrence wasted no time on Monday morning clarifying what happened, issuing a statement before he fielded questions.

“Let me get this straight. It’s ridiculous to be tweeted about yesterday when I am available to you guys every day and yesterday I wanted to go see my family because it was my birthday. That’s ridiculous,” Lawrence said. “It had nothing to do with losing to Dallas, nothing to do with frustration, any of that. That’s ridiculous for someone to be sensitive because I wanted to go see my family.”

Lawrence said no when asked if he could have spoken to media and then gone to see his family.

“No, I wanted to go see my family. I would do it again. That’s all I gotta say about that” he said.

Since he is the team’s defensive leader, could Lawrence see how not speaking to reporters might be taken the wrong way by teammates?

“My teammates know who I am, they know how I feel,” Lawrence said. “I talk to you guys after every game ... this game, it was my birthday and I wanted to go see my family, be around them. That’s all it is.”

Valentine’s View

First of all, happy 26th birthday to Lawrence. Second of all, either Lawrence or the Giants’ PR department could have circumvented any misunderstanding by simply telling media in attendance why Lawrence — a team leader who’s thoughts are always sought by media — would not be speaking.

After road games, players have very limited time to get out of the locker room, see friends and family, and board buses to head to the airport for the return trip to New Jersey. The entire situation could have — and should have — been avoided.