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NFL Week 5 picks, predictions: Do Giants have a chance against Miami Dolphins?

Here is how your BBV staff sees Giants-Dolphins, and the rest of the Week 5 action

The 2023-24 season has gotten off to a miserable start for the 1-3 New York Giants. Things could get worse Sunday when the Giants face the 3-1 Miami Dolphins, a heavy favorite, per DraftKings Sportsbook. Here are your Big Blue View staff picks for Giants-Dolphins, and the rest of the Week 5 NFL action.

Rivka Boord

I don’t know if it’s possible to pick against Miami in this game. The Giants look like a complete mess, while Miami’s offense has fired on all cylinders for most of the season. If the Giants managed only three points against Seattle’s defense, there’s no reason to think they’ll do anything more against Miami even with the Dolphins’ defensive struggles. I’m picking Miami to win by three scores.

Pick: Dolphins

Tony DelGenio

It wasn’t much noticed but the Giants’ defense played fairly well against Seattle. The Dolphins are another story, however. Tua, Hill, and Waddle lead the NFL’s premier passing attack, while Mostert and Achane make them equally potent running the ball. Buffalo was able to limit the damage by Miami’s offense, but the Giants’ defense is not in Buffalo’s class yet. Miami’s defense is only middling, but against a Giants’ OL that will still be missing Andrew Thomas and maybe also JMS, Daniel Jones will have to learn when and how to hit hot reads and to otherwise take what Vic Fangio’s 2-high zone defense gives him. This game could get ugly in a hurry. The Giants wilt like a week-old piece of lettuce in the Miami heat and humidity.

Pick: Dolphins

Nick Falato

The Giants are out of rhythm and look lost offensively. There were encouraging signs on defense last week, but Miami’s offense - even with their OL injuries - will be too much for the Giants.

Pick: Dolphins

James Hickey

The Giants are a team dealing with injuries to their offensive line, an ineffective offense led by a quarterback that is regressing in front of our eyes and a defense that has yet to force a turnover this season. And now they have to travel to Miami, which boasts arguably the best offense in the NFL and is coming off a loss. They put up 70 points just two weeks ago. While I don’t expect to happen this week, they should put up at least half that amount this week.

Pick: Dolphins

Jeremy Portnoy

Until the Giants get healthier, there’s only three or four teams I’d pick them to beat. They just don’t have the depth on offense to be fully functional without Saquon Barkley and Andrew Thomas, among others. I’m not quite buying into the Dolphins hype, as it’s more likely that their beatdown of the Denver Broncos was an outlier rather than a sign they’re now a top five NFL team. Still, they shouldn’t have much trouble getting past New York.

Pick: Dolphins

Valentine’s View

Zero chance that I would even consider picking the Giants to upset the Dolphins. If I was picking the spread (Miami by 11 as I type), I would probably still take the Dolphins. The Giants are a mess right now, and Brian Daboll has a massive job to try and fix them. I doubt he can do it by Sunday.

Pick: Dolphins