Who Will be the Giants Best Player in Madden 24?

Who Will be the Giants Best Player in Madden 24?

Who Will be the Giants Best Player in Madden 24?

Who Will be the Giants Best Player in Madden 24?

Madden is the world’s biggest and most popular NFL video game franchise. It has sold millions of copies worldwide, and fans eagerly await each new yearly instalment of the game. People who don’t consider themselves gamers usually have a console so they can play Madden. So, it’s easy to see where the hype for the next instalment is coming from.

Madden 24 is set to hit the shelves later this month, and more details are emerging about the teams and players every day. The NY Giants will be in there, but who will their best player be? Read on to find out.

Dexter Lawrence II

Defensive tackler Dexter Lawrence II has the highest overall rating of all the NY Giants players in Madden 24. With an impressive score of 94, Lawrence will be a key player and will certainly be one of the game’s most popular choices.

In the real world, Lawrence has recently signed a four-year contract extension with the NY Giants. This is a testament to how highly he is valued and how important he is to the team, attributes which have certainly filtered through to Madden 24.

Saquon Barkley

Next up on our list of the best NY Giants players in Madden 24 is Saquon Barkley. With a score of 93, Barkley is just shy of the top spot held by Lawrence. However, his speed, acceleration, agility, carrying, and throwing stats are all significantly higher than Lawrence’s, making it a tough choice between the two when trying to work out who the best is.

Barkley, who plays as a halfback, will no doubt be a valuable player and will be a top choice in Madden 24, which is widely expected to be one of the most realistic video games in the sports genre – a key quality many players expect when they download a game.

Andrew Thomas

Linebacker Andrew Thomas is next on our list. He has an overall score of 92, making him one of the NY Giants best players. His individual stats aren’t, by and large, more impressive than Lawrence’s or Barkley’s, but he does have an impressive strength and awareness ratings of 90. At 6’5 and 31 lbs, this absolute unit of a man is sure to make an impression on the field.

Having just accepted a long-term extension on his contract with the NY Giants in July of this year, it’s likely we’ll see more of the 24-year-old in Madden’s 24, 25 and beyond.

Darren Waller

Tight-end player Darren Waller has an overall score of 86, making for the most significant drop in score so far but also the closest gap between the three best players in the NY Giants. However, that is an impressive score that includes the best catcher and tackle score when compared to Thomas and Barkley.

Debates rage online at just how helpful he is in the game, which no doubt will transfer into Madden. It’ll take a keen coach with a strategic mind to manage him to victory.

Graham Gano

With a score of 83, kicker Graham Gano is the wildest card of this list. His talents are clear in his stats, which show superiority in kick power and accuracy, obviously, but also tackling and play action. When compared to other kickers in the game, it’s hard to argue that he isn’t in the top leagues.


Madden 24 is due for release on August 18th, available on this generation’s PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as the last. It’s also available on Microsoft Windows. However, the fanfare is growing, so there is a deluxe option available for pre-order on August 15th with 4,600 Madden points for Ultimate Team.

Players might be most interested to know, however, that cross-play is finally available on Madden 24, which means that you can play against each other on the field.

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