I Went to Bed at Half Time

For the first time in 30 years as a Giants fan I turned off the game and went to bed. Well actually not my first time... First time was against Dallas Week 1. I'm not losing anymore sleep staying up to watch them get dominated in primetime. I can't even get hyped up to watch anymore. Some things I am noticing:

1. Offensively there is no rhythm or reason to the play calls. Jones is useless unless we use him in the run game. There is no reason not to look at how Philly is running their offense. Yes I know they have a good offensive line but when you use RPO it opens up the passing game and the running game. Jones is as athletic as Hurts and he needs to be a running threat on every play. It helps to have Barkley as a threat but we can work with the other backs in there. STOP abandoning the run game please. Wandale, Hodgins, Waller and Hyatt need more targets. Slayton and Campbell are backup level and don't seem to be getting open at all. Slants for Hodgins like Michael Thomas in his prime, outs and crossing routes to Wandale, Down the seam for Waller and Hyatt need to get them all going in rhythm. Sprinkle in the other guys not the other way around.

2. Defensively we look to be in bend but don't break mode against the pass. Wink is trying to rush 4 with guys that are getting almost no push. Seattle has a pretty bad offensive line and we were only able to sack Geno twice? You're telling me we can't generate any more pressure than that Wink? Isaiah Simmons needs to be sent on some blitzes immediately. Ojulari and Thibs were better than they have been but we are not a send the 4 man rush kind of team. We need to be playing press man out wide not lining up 10 yards off and blitzing like crazy. We are getting bullied vs the run and our vaunted interior defensive line is underachieving. Last night was the first time I saw the defense get after it vs the run game. Of course Seattle really didn't even have to do much to beat us. Still didn't tackle well enough. Noah Fant looked like Jeremy Shockey before half with the catch and run down to the 1 yard line. I am still having flashbacks of Mckinney getting trucked by Dobbs. The whole unit is soft and so is the coaching.

3. Special teams coverage and return units need to start over. Eric Gray? Ummm put Sterling Shepard, Paris Campbell or Darius Slayton back there. I don't want to see Adoree Jackson returning or fair catching punts. Whole unit has been struggling since week 1 coaching staff changes need to be made.

4. We are being severely outcoached. There haven't been any in game adjustments made to mask our deficiencies on offense or defense. Penalties abound in all 4 games. Against the Cowboys we gave up on the run too soon and looked limp defensively. Against the Cardinals the 1st half was unacceptable James Conner and Josh Dobbs made us look foolish. Against the 49ers couldn't stop the run. Daniel Jones rushed 2 times that game. Shanahan looks like a genius for what he is able to do with Brock throwing ducks Purdy and we can't figure out how to manage Daniel Jones. The Seahawks were penalized, sloppy and still managed to blow us out. Daboll was the coach of the year for a reason last season and so far I haven't seen one thing to make me think he has this team under control.

5. All is not lost and there is a way to right this ship. Our next two games look very tough but if we are able to come out and play like a team that is disciplined and focused we may be able to shock one or both of the Dolphins and Bills. It seems like a long shot but so were games against Baltimore and Green Bay last year around the same time. We are not a primetime team and haven't been for a while now. I am interested to see if we show up like the team that came back to beat the Cardinals or just get run all over vs. the Dolphins. If we win a close game at Miami and lose a close one at Buffalo before going on to play vs Washington vs Jets and @Las Vegas we could be 5-4 heading to Dallas. That is a very glass half full thought but I think if we play the way we did vs. the Cardinals in the 2nd half it can be done.

There is still a way to get back in this Daboll needs to get buy in from the team and have the team flying around this Sunday. RPO with Daniel Jones is going to be key with focus on the run portion. Have to win the time possession battle and sustain drives, no turnovers. Defense needs to stop the run first, contain Tyreke and get some pressure on Tua. Let's go blue!

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