Too many discipline!

What tough shots, dumb penalties, and poor play. On the defensive side the public was told 'to chart it', referring to Monty Hall's (aka wink Martindaler's) stand on tackling vs. the Seahawks in the days leading up to last night's game. Outside of Bobby Okereke and Micah McFadden, it was terrible. For a moment it looked like Thibodeaux was going power up but after a sack, down 14-3 he was smiling on the bench...juxtapose that with a stern looking Geno Smith who was up 14-3 on the sideline after a cheap shot out-of-bounds hit by Isiah Simmons. To me it is these images of winners and losers that tell you who is playing and who thinks reality is centred on themselves. Good players know the score and the demeanour it takes to get back in there and move the ball or keep playing to ensure a win.

Dabol throws the microsoft tablet at Daniel Jones on the sideline after the pic-six. What a head coach, I say! Okay, it was a terrible play....and by now Jones about terrible plays... but to throw the tablet in his direction AFTER and O-line for his entire tenure has been weak - the statistic that blares this is the 10 SACKS - he has been running for his life and then Mike Kafka, the offensive play caller, calls his number to run, so he takes more hits - this is incredible - really, nobody should lay into Jones for not trying under incredible circumstances .... even Mara stated that the kid has never had an o-line or a an proper coordinator.....does he now? But go ahead Dabol throw the tablet at him - we have another loser coach on our hands, regardless of last years weak schedule successes. For me that was another pathetic moment that defines this team's coaches and staff. Kafka play calling is limited - okay as there is no O-line protecttion......but never a deep throw....the entire game!? Slayton has been passed by all players chosen by this GM and coach....nary a pass until the second half and Sterling Shepard was lucky to get into the game as well..... to many throws of 4 to 7 yards to Wandy, Paris, and Hodgins.....never tried to open it up and stretch the field to open up the slants a little....hello, you drafted Jalin Hyatt!?

MacDoo, Shurmur, Judge, and Dabol ......take your pick - which had the best o-line? Mara hired them all after trying to make Coughlin look like a fool - the genius of Mara?

Miami and Buffalo are slick and smooth AND have professional coaches.....please watch for their attitudes towards their players who make mistakes.

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