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WATCH: Darren Waller, Chase Young argue about Jalin Hyatt’s catch

“Come on man, let me teach you something!”

NFL: Washington Commanders at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest moments from the New York Giants 14-7 win over the Washington Commanders was a 42-yard pass from Tyrod Taylor to Jalin Hyatt.

It was an excellent play all round, with Taylor fitting the ball in just in front of Hyatt’s outside shoulder, where only the wide receiver could make a play on it, and Hyatt making a great catch as he went out of bounds.

The window was so tight that there was legitimate question as two whether Hyatt was able to get both feet down and actually make the catch. Washington head coach Ron Rivera challenged the play.

While the rest of us were waiting on the ruling from the officials, NFL Films captured this exchange between Giants’ tight end Darren Waller and Commanders’ edge defender Chase Young:

Fans like to think of football players as bitter rivals with a visceral hatred for they guys wearing the other uniform — particularly in division rivalries. And it is like that some of the time, and things can certainly get heated.

But then we also get glimpses of what it can really be like on the field. And here we just have two guys just talking ball like they’re watching the game in a bar — they just happen to be elite athletes playing in the game itself.