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Giants’ CB Adoree’ Jackson: ‘Obviously you don’t want to get traded’

Jackson says leaving his teammates would be “disappointing and sickening”

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
Adoree’ Jackson
Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Every time anyone, including us at Big Blue View, writes about potential trade candidates should the 1-5 New York Giants decide to move players at the Oct. 31 NFL trade deadline, Adoree’ Jackson is on the list.

Jackson, like teammate Saquon Barkley, does not want to go anywhere.

“Obviously you don’t want to get traded,” Jackson said. “Being here with these guys, some two, some three years, battling with these guys, the laughs, the memories that we made.

“It’s part of the business. The ‘me’ aspect, not wanting to move, not wanting to go anywhere, being with my brothers, the ones that I’ve called my family because I’m here with them more than I am with my family. That would be the disappointing and sickening thing. Obviously you don’t want that to happen.”

Jackson, though, is in the final year of a three-year, $39 million contract. He is a good, 28-year-old cornerback in a passing league. Teams can never have enough quality cornerbacks, and Jackson would certainly have value to a number of contending teams around the league.

“You said I’ve got some value, and I appreciate that,” Jackson said during our one-on-one conversation. “There’s always positive in everything that you think is negative. It’s always your perspective on things. You can take it as a bad perspective or a good one. At the end of the day keep your attitude the same, always have faith and believe that the Lord wouldn’t put you in a situation or an outcome that can hurt you or harm you.

“You go from there and have a great attitude and live life with the glass half full and not half empty.”

The Giants, obviously, are one of those teams Jackson can help. The question for GM Joe Schoen is whether or not he feels he can pay Jackson, who will be entering his age 29 season in 2024, or would end up losing him in free agency.

Jackson is certainly a leader among the defensive backs and remains a player with good years left. If the Giants feel he won’t be part of the future, though, something in return is better than nothing.