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Giants-Seahawks picks, predictions: How Big Blue View staff sees Monday Night Football

BBV staff split on how critical game with Seattle will play out

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Will the New York Giants (1-2) beat the Seattle Seahawks (2-1) on Monday night in a game the Giants need to win with road games the next two weeks against a pair of powerhouses, the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills? In this week’s Big Blue view staff predictions, we are split on the answer to that question.

Below, our picks and explanations.

Jeremy Portnoy

“A healthy Giants team is more talented than Seattle, but it’s close enough that Saquon Barkley’s injury sways things for me. The Seahawks are just the more polished and consistent team, and New York’s explosiveness will be limited at least somewhat if Barkley can’t play.”

Pick: Seahawks

Rivka Boord

“This should be a good matchup for the Giants’ offense, as Seattle’s defense has had its struggles to begin 2023. Still, pitting their struggling defense against Geno Smith, Kenneth Walker, DK Metcalf, and Tyler Lockett has grim prospects. Ultimately, this one could be a shootout, but the Giants are ill-equipped to win such games against offensive firepower like Seattle’s.”

Pick: Seahawks

Tony DelGenio

“When a game like this, against a 2022 playoff team, feels like a “breather” after the games that came before and the next couple coming up, you know it’s a terrible early season schedule. Seattle has a dangerous offense with 3 very good WRs and a very good RB, but their defense is not near the level of DAL and SF. The Giants may have some semblance of a stable OL together this week and the weather should be good, so I’ll predict an offensive outbreak that is closer to what we saw in Arizona than what we saw at MetLife in the opener. Giants win a close, high-scoring game.”

Pick: Giants

Chris Pflum

“The Seahawks could present a tricky matchup for the Giants. Geno Smith might not be playing with quite the supernatural accuracy and precision he had last year, but he’s still having a good season. The Seahawks offense is deep and talented, and they’ve shown some really good toughness over the last two weeks. Their defense could be vulnerable after giving up 6 explosive plays to the Andy Dalton lead Panthers. On the flip side, their defense is currently 4th in. Pass Rush Win Rate and they could get Jamal Adams and Tariq Wollen back from injury. The Giants should be healthier along the offensive line, but I’m picking the Giants simply because this is a “MUST WIN” looking ahead to the Dolphins and Bills in the next two weeks.”

Pick: Giants

James Hickey

“This is a season-defining, must-win game for the New York Giants. A home game against an opponent that they will most likely be fighting with for a playoff spot. As you can read on Big Blue View this week, there is no aspect of this team that has played up to the level shown last year. Their stars have underperform, younger vets not taken a jump that was expected, newcomers are not living up to their projections, and key veterans have missed games because of injury. While it is not a surprise the Giants are 1-2, how they have gotten here has. Now comes another prime time game, with their recent track showing that is not a good thing for New York. After a dud on opening day, the Seahawks has put up 37 points in back-to-back games. QB Geno Smith has continued to grow after his breakout season last year and RB Frank Walker III was named the Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against Carolina. But Seattle is not Dallas or San Francisco, they can be exposed—especially in the passing game. As I said before the Arizona game, tell me who is the most desperate and go with that team. The Giants are again that team. There is a path to victory, but it calls for all three phases and their coaching staff upping their game. With the season on the line, New York will respond. Giants 30, Seattle 24.”

Pick: Giants

Nick Falato

“Both teams are seemingly getting healthy...well, at least on the offensive line for the Giants; Saquon Barkley’s status remains uncertain. This is basically a must-win situation at home against a team that will likely be in contention for the wildcard. The Giants can easily win this game, but I regretfully am picking Seattle, who stops the run well, is getting healthier in the secondary, and has a potent 11-personnel package. It should be a close game; they can win if NY can limit the mistakes.”

Pick: Seahawks

Valentine’s View

“Sometimes it is as simple as going with the more desperate team, and that is the case here. I think this is a game the Giants have to win, with road games vs. Miami and Buffalo following. The Giants also have to be embarrassed by the way they have played in two nationally televised games this season, and should want to show football fans around the country that they are not a terrible team. So, I will take the desperate team, and that is the Giants.”

Pick: Giants