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NFL Week 7 picks: Will the Giants beat the Commanders?

Here is what BBV staff writers think

The 1-5 New York Giants host the 3-3 Washington Commanders in an NFC East showdown Sunday at MetLife Stadium, with the Giants slight underdogs, per DraftKings Sportsbook. Here is how your Big Blue View staff sees the game, and the rest of the NFL Week 7 action.

Rivka Boord

The Giants played well against the Bills and would have won the game if not for two plays at the end of each half. Still, with Daniel Jones’ status very much in doubt and yet more offensive line injuries, it’s hard for me to pick the Giants in any given game. I wouldn’t be shocked if they pulled it out, but my money would be on Washington.

Pick: Washington

Tony DelGenio

Giants-Commanders games are almost always close. Predicting the outcome depends on whether Sunday night was a turning point in the Giants’ season or a one-off valiant effort. Washington’s LBs and DBs can be had...if you can hold off their formidable DL. I’ll assume that the Justin Pugh magic lasts another week and whoever starts at QB can exploit Washington’s second and third levels, which cannot match up with Darren Waller and Jalin Hyatt. On the other side, Sam Howell is a nice young QB who can hurt a defense and his own team in the same game. I’ll count on Dexter Lawrence getting the best of Nick Gates, Bobby and Micah limiting the Robinson/Gibson running tandem and Logan Thomas, and finally the presence of a CB who can cover Terry McLaurin in Tae Banks.

Pick: Giants

Nick Falato

The Giants’ defense helps propel the Giants to victory as they previously did in Week 15 of 2022.

Pick: Giants

James Hickey

If not for Atlanta’s Desmond Ridder showing his inexperience in the 4th quarter three different times, questions about the Commanders and where they are headed would be much more prevalent. When you match up two teams as flawed as Washington and New York are, it comes down to the most desperate. The key to this game will be protecting the quarterback as both teams have given the most sacks this year. Give me the experienced quarterback in this one. Giants 24, Commanders 10

Pick: Giants

Chris Pflum

If I’m being honest, I don’t really know how this game is going to go. If past is prologue, I think the only sure thing is that it’s going to be an ugly game. It always is when these two teams play, and neither has been playing particularly “good” football this year (to say the least). I think Washington’s defensive front will be disruptive, but I also think Wink Martindale will be able to disrupt Sam Howell. And (this feels weird to say) I think the Giants’ linebackers could be the difference in this game... In a good way. Howell is an athletic and talented runner, but Okereke and McFadden should be able to contain him. Things will get very dark indeed if the Giants can’t pull this one out.

Pick: Giants

Valentine’s View

The Giants can win this game. They need to win this game. They might win this game. I can’t pick them to win this game. They haven’t scored an offensive touchdown since Week 3. The offensive line is still a mess. Daniel Jones probably won’t play. The fact that I run a Giants’ website isn’t a good enough reason to pick the Giants to win.

Pick: Washington